Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding, The Royal Birthday & Trying not to be a Royal Pain in the Butt

Long time no blog!!

So the royal wedding took place today at 4 am EST.  I don't know what the world is going to talk about once this event has ended!  I am trying to figure out the hat situation...some are quite tasteful and then there are some that are so odd looking, almost as if they have been glued to the wearers' forehead, sticking straight up, so weird....

My big guy is 6 already!  I can't believe it!  I remember the day he was born as if it was yesterday.  A little before 5 pm, I felt a whoosh and thought that I either peed in my pants or my water broke.  Not knowing for sure, I tied a sweater around my waist as to not alarm people and for no one to see my wet pants...and went to the bathroom.  Yeah, my water broke.  It wasn't a consistent flow (thank goodness), so I went back to my desk, packed up my computer, told my boss, Candy, that I thought I may be leaking but I will see her tomorrow and left the office.  In the parking lot, I called my doctor who confirmed that it was my water that caused the wet pants and told me to meet him at the hospital.  I informed him that I was at work and questioned if I was OK to drive there.  He said I would be fine - cool! 

I called Rich and then mom and dad and started my travels to the hospital (mind you I work 45 minutes from the hospital).  My friend Christina was driving in front of me and called my cell, as we used to talk sometimes this way on the way to or from work.  She asked what was new and I told her how my water broke and that I was on the way to the hospital.  She veered to the left turning lane and flagged me down, running out of her car and handed me a towel to sit on.  What are friends for???  :)

I waited for Mom and Dad to meet me at the Mattress Giant so that I would have someone driving with me.  Mom hopped in shortly after and off we went up 441.  It was like a caravan - me first, then Dad's car, then Rich.  Once at the hospital, I casually walked in and told the nurse that my water broke so she showed me to my room.  They do this paper test to confirm that your water indeed did break and when the nurse said she didn't see that it was the case I asked her to please go to the bathroom and see the pants on the floor as proof.  I won that argument!

Dr. V came in, asking where I had been and when I reminded him what city I worked in, he was like, "ohhhhhhhh".  Yeah.....At 7:45 pm I was told to scoot off of the hospital bed and walk myself into the operating room.  So I did!  I jumped on the OR table, got the spinal and then off we were!  Rich came into the OR in his little "bunny outfit" as we nicknamed it.  We talked about what, I am not really sure, and after feeling a bunch of pressure, Dr. V. said, "8 13".  I asked what that was (how am I supposed to know - this is my first time!!) and he explained it was the time our little baby boy was born!!!  To see him that first time was so amazing...I will remember that vision forever!

Fast forward 6!!!

So as you already know, I am a stylist for Stella & Dot (no really???  LOL).  Well, I am not the pushy type and I get worried that one day I will be, so I am very cognisant of what I say and do for my new found business.  I called someone the other day and felt a little pushy and immediately backed away, but then I was thinking that don't we have to be a little pushy to seal the deal???

As if the article gods heard me, I receive a link this morning entitled, "Is Feeling Pushy Keeping You From Getting Bookings".  Someone is watching over me!!  Basically, the article says that you need to stay authentic to yourself. 
  • If you feel uncomfortable about something (talking to someone about booking a party, etc.) lead with that!  Literally open the conversation by saying, "I'm really stepping out of my comfort zone here.  I picked up the phone at least three times last week to call you and couldn't bring myself to dial because I didn't want to bug you.  But then I decided I was just going to make the call.  So here I am!"
  • Name the elephant in the room.  If you think that most of the guests in the room have had bad experiences with another direct seller who has tried to leverage them to book a party, start your booking talk by saying exactly that!  "Now I know you all probably think I'm going to try and talk you into booking another one of these boring home parties with me, but I want you to know up front that's not how I roll.  My party will be a blast and I'm sure you'll all want to do one by the end of the evening but that is totally up to you.  I promise I won't try to talk you into anything."
  • Switch from asking the potential hostess to do something to offering them something.  "I'd love to come and spoil you and your friends with a fun night out, and I know you probably haven't done anything for yourself in a long while."

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can You Believe...

...that I have two stylists on my team when I was just thinking I was a part of Stella & Dot as a "hobbyist"?
...that all I think about during the day is how I can get more trunk shows on my calendar.  I truly love holding them.  They are fun and are the best outlet for my creative and people loving skills?
...that my oldest is going to be 6 years old soon, can read like a champ and is the sweetest, most sensitive guy around?
...that I still don't know what's going on with work?
...that Passover begins tonight, Easter is this weekend...where has the first quarter of 2011 gone?