Friday, October 28, 2011

One For One

Last night I went to dinner with a close friend that I met over three years ago at my job (who proceeded to have a beautiful baby girl and become a stay-at-home mom and leave me at my job all by myself - sorry had to add that LOL).  Anyway, we were chatting about the joys of being a mom (it was about the joys, Lauren, right???) and enjoying our Stir Crazy and adult beverage, when Lauren started talking about this shoe company that donates a pair of shoes for each pair of shoes purchased.  No one has to tell me twice that this is such a great cause (and reason to check out these shoes!).   Here is the company website if you'd like to learn more:  Check out the video below to learn about why Blake Mykcoskie started this amazing movement.

Fast forward to us power walking through the mall to Nordstrom.  I'm all excited to check out these shoes, and also for the fact that I haven't had one of our fun shopping lunches in forever, that we used to do all the time when we worked together.  We walked up to the Toms display and I didn't know which one I liked best!  The shoes are nicely priced, starting at $48.  These are the ones I decided on:
I am wearing them today and they are so comfortable.  They have designs for women, men and children...look at these!!  They are the cutest!! 

I just ordered a comfy sweatshirt and black sequins shoes - can't wait to get them!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Know You All Want to Know... (haha)

So I don't have ear infections (YAY) but I do have some majorly swollen sinuses, which are pressing against my ear, causing the pain. I love this new ENT NP! She is wonderful - she took her time explaining everything to me, she had 6 kids, was an OB nurse, is the cutest thing ever.

Anyway, she did an endoscopy of my nostrils and took cultures (not comfortable in any way). I should know by Wednesday if it is a bacterial infection. If not it could be one of two things...viral or allergies. If viral, has to take its course, if allergies, I can get tested again and then possibly take shots (which I don't want to do).

That's the story! She gave me a nose spray that is non-addicting but is supposed to be really good and taught me the proper way to use the spray. I am actually looking forward to using it tonight (and the fact that is has an antihistamine in it means I will sleep well!!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are the Dollar Stores Really a Bargain?

If you're anything like me, you enter the dollar stores and think, "Wow, what great deals!"  In some cases that is very true, but be aware of items that aren't really "a deal".  I just finished reading an article on and here are some interesting things that I took from it:

      • Cleaning items: Bleach and sponges are usually good dollar store deals
      • Shampoos: good buy. This article quoted that Consumer Reports stated the only difference between inexpensive, off-brand shampoos and their more expensive cousins is usually the scent
      • Greeting Cards
      • Spices: $1.00 for basic spices can't be beat!  You won't find a huge selection BUT make sure to check the expiration date!
      • Packaged and bottled foods: check the expiration date...
      • Picture frames: I've purchased frames from dollar stores that have been great!  You can also paint them a color you like or decorate them
      • Halloween and Movie Night Candy
      • Seasonal Decorations
      • Socks
      • Gift bags
      • Toys: I knew this before I even read the article - not a good deal.  My experiences with the toys sold in these types of stores are that they are cheaply made (surprise!) and not even worth the dollar you paid.
      • Batteries: not a good buy - they usually dont' last as long as the name brand versions
      • Medications & vitamins: they may be unregulated and mislabeled
      • Paper products, plastic & aluminum wrap
      • Drinks: not competitively priced
      • School supplies: better off going to the big box stores and getting them on sale during back-to-school season or just after
      • Pet Food: after all of the pet food scares...go to the national chain stores
      • Power cords and strips: often terribly made and can cause more damage to your electronics than they are worth!
      • Knives
      • Chewing Gum

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sinus Infections are a Pain in My...

Seriously????  I just got over a sinus infection a week and a half ago, and now it is back and I think it is worse!!  Could it be from the flu shot I had last Friday?  Nahhhh, but why do I keep getting them?  BLECH!

To continue on my complaining train...the weather down here has been terrible - rainy, humid and dreary - may be that is why I got another sinus infection?  Nahhhh

I AM looking forward to a girls night dinner with my fabulous friend, Amalia!  That and some Uncle Tais is for sure going to cure this sinus thing - right?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I am dedicating this post to my friend Cat and her mom.  Today her mom is going in for surgery to determine if the tumor found in her brain is cancer, and if so, what the next steps are.  Cat and her mom are best friends, like how I am with my mom.  I can't even imagine what she is feeling right now.  Please keep Cat and her mom in your prayers today.  xoxoxo Cat - I love you and am thinking of your mom and you!!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Food That Tastes Good and Also Is Good For You...For Real!

I am big into snacking, especially since I work at a desk for 40 hours a week.  Sometimes I get a little bored, or maybe hungry (LOL) and crave something delicious to eat.  I try to avoid vending as much as possible as I usually end up purchasing from the vending machine that has the junk food and not the one with the trail mix.

Check out Women’s Health mag Top 125 Packaged Foods and tell me what your favorite snacks are!

Thanks to The Average Girl's Guide for this great link!!

5K or Bust (or something like that)

I am tired, and not because its Monday and the weather stinks (although it IS Monday and the weather is gross).  During lunch today, my 5K buddy and I ran on the treadmills at our local gym.  For some odd reason I thought I could kick it up a notch and increase the speed which probably wasn't the best idea.   I am feeling it now.  I need to seriously get my running butt into gear!!!

Our 5K is scheduled for November 12th.  Since I signed up, I think we have been to the gym a handful of times, and I really don't think that is enough (I know it isn't!).  I mean, my husband was away on business for a week, and I was sick for a week...blah blah blah, I know - there's a little violin playing just for me.

One of my closest far away friends is training for a 10K (bless her soul), and we decided we would be running buddies from across the pond.  I think she said that she slept through her last running practice.  LOLOLOL...I am not laughing at you Nookie, I am laughing WITH you.  Sounds like something I would do, for sure!  She mentioned in a text, (BTW, check out the app entitled can text to anywhere around the world for free!) that I should bring my sneakers when I come visit her in Paris.  See, packing my sneakers to run around the Eiffel Tower...totally doable!!  Running down A1A on a humid morning (I hope not) doesn't sound that exciting.  BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT!!

I basically I am just whining and complaining, even though I have been wanting to do a 5K for a year or so.  I am going to do it...just bear with me. 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I am sure you all know that October is the official Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  You'll see everything has turned pink in honor of this terrible disease that affects one in three women.  In honor of this month, Stella & Dot has unveiled their Tribute Bracelet.

Celebrate life, courage, and strength with this delicate bracelet dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In October 20% of proceeds will be donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The rose gold pave bar anchors on a delicate band of faceted hematite beads, adds subtle sparkle to any layered wrist.

•Adjustable cord.
• Fits S-L wrists.
•Lead & nickel free.

In addition to the 20% donation noted above, I am going to donate all of my commission from each bracelet purchased in the month of October to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

You can check out the bracelet and purchase it online at my e-boutique.  Click here: I Want a Tribute Bracelet!