Thursday, February 24, 2011

R.I.P. Harley Davidson Peller

Yesterday when I received a call from my husband saying that our cat of 15 years was hit, it didn't really register at first.  It was about 11 am and I was at my desk doing the usual tasks - reporting, emailing, facebooking, etc.  When he called and told me that our neighbor left him a message that Harley was hit by a truck and she was freaking out, it took a minute or two to click and then I just logged off my computer and walked out the door. 

The ride home was so slow and so sad.  When I pulled into my driveway, the Faith Farm driver that ran over my cat was standing outside of his truck alongside two of my neighbors.  I didn't want to get out of the car. I had just seen Harley in the morning, hanging out by the front door, and then again coming to greet my friend Debbie when she stopped by to pick up N for school. 

I turned off the car and took a deep breath.  Part of me wanted to tell this guy, "What the F - do you not look at where you're driving?" and the other part of me just didn't have the energy to say a word.  Walking over to them, I started to well up, and when he (sincerely) apologized all I could say was , "It's OK.  It was an accident."  Which is truly what it was.

My poor neighbor had to see Harley pass away on her driveway in the most heinous manner.  Fine, Harley was 16 and most probably deaf at this point.  Fine, he should have become an indoor cat entirely once we saw old age creep up on him.  But still - he was Harley.  My first pet that was MINE. 

I picked him out from the shelter filled with cats needing a home.  I liked him the best because he had a limp in his left leg - I thought it added character.  (Shortly after, he gained the nickname "pimp with a limp" - that was my husband's creation).  He was laying on a perch upside down just chillin' out.  I had to have him.  He had the most beautiful face and markings.  He had big green eyes, and a gorgeous super soft tiger stripe coat.  He was part Maine Coon, part Siamese, part tabby - a little bit of everything.    I named him Harley because he purred so loud and so frequently that it sounded like a motorcycle. 

When I first brought him home, he was skittish but soon after he came into his own.  He loved to fetch balls and bring them back to you.If you didn't throw it shortly after he retrieved it, he would nip your ankle as if saying, "Hey, throw that!".  He tolerated me bringing Petey into our world and then, most recently, Sadie.  He was such a great cat.

He would meow and rub up against my mom so that she would give him treats.  He knew that when Grandma came over, he was going to get spoiled. 

We used to call him Fat Ass because at one point he weighed a whopping 19 pounds.  19 pounds of love :)  We'd leave baskets and boxes around and next thing you know Harley somehow would fit has fat ass into it, purring and so content. 

He would groom Petey and it was the cutest thing.  Petey had the bichon "fro" and Harley would struggle with each lick, but he kept on doing it.  He would sit there and lick my husband's head for long periods of was so funny to see him perched above my husband's head and licking away.  Such fun memories :)

We buried him yesterday shortly after it happened.  I still don't fully believe it happened.  I haven't told the boys but I plan on doing it soon, maybe tonight.  I guess you have to take the bad with the good when it comes to pets.  He lived a long, great life and I will miss him dearly.  I'll never forget my little fat ass. 
Picture courtesy of Keren...thanks Ker!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Play Along...

Something funny/odd happened to me on the way to work this morning.  I stopped at Starbucks for my morning coffee.  I usually go there during lunch so I "know" some of the baristas...very nice group of people.  Anyway, I think one of them mistook me for someone else because she told me (very excitedly), "I got fish!".  I turned around because I seriously thought she was talking to someone else, but was aimed at me.  So I said, "Oh great, so happy for you!" - big smile, and then walked to get my skinny iced caramel macchiato.  She continues to tell me all about her three fish, the tank, that they are zebras, and that they are a hardy bunch of fish, etc. etc. 

So as not to seem as if I am not the person she thinks I am, I feel the obligation to tell her a fish story from my childhood (My dad got me a fish tank and on the first night that I had the fish, one jumped out and committed suicide and one had like 40 babies - all in the time it took us to go out for a bite to eat for dinner).  She looked at me kind of odd (who is the odd one here though????) and then handed me my drink, telling me about the different species of fish that she is looking into getting, blah blah...what did I get myself into?

This whole "just play along" topic reminded me of the time I worked at Denny's Childrenswear in Commack (I say Childrenswear as everyone thinks I worked at the restaurant).  I worked with this nice older lady, Penny.  She was the grandmotherly type, always smiling, always helping out.  For some reason she called me "Nicole".  I don't know why or how she got the idea my name was Nicole, but instead of embarrassing her I just played along. 

3 weeks pass and I am standing up front by the registers with my manager, Lisa, when Penny walks up and says, "Nicole, do you need help with the dressing rooms?"  Lisa looks at me like, "HUH???"  I tell Penny that I am OK and she walks away.  So I explain to Lisa how I feel bad to correct her.  I guess Lisa didn't feel bad because she tells me to go check the floor, calls Penny up to the register and then I hear, "DANA please come to the front."  Of course I go back up to the front, as requested - to see Penny's confused expression.  I told her that I felt terrible :(  I think she still remembers my name to this day!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Never Thought!

I never thought that one day I would be so excited to begin an adventure in trunk shows and at-home sales.  I always thought it was so "not me".  I still think it is not me, yet I found Stella & Dot and it seems to fit my "not me" persona.  The fact that jewelry is involved helps immensely :)  I can't wait to go home and check out the sample jewelry that I ordered for my first trunk show - March 5th!! 

I have training next week at what is named "Boot Camp".  I am a tad not excited for this but I have a feeling it will pump me up even more and I will be glad I went!!  I've already had someone ask me how they could become a stylist, and of course I kept my cool (and then called my upline freaking out, mildly). 

So funny...normally I would say this is not me...not Dana at all.  I don't like pressured sales.  I don't like feeling obligated to purchase something or to make someone else obligated to purchase.  So that is exactly what I am NOT going to do.  I invited my friends to the trunk show and I am NOT going to sell!  I am going to introduce the company and let the jewelry speak for itself.  If someone would like to purchase - AWESOME!  If not, AWESOME too :)  LOL. 

I already have my eye on a bunch of items that would look great with my wardrobe, which consists of black, white, grey, brown, tan, did I say black, white...LOL  I am going to let the jewelry be the updater for my outfits...the color infusion that I definitely don't have. 

Check out the jewels if you have a chance!  Tell me what you think, seriously!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pellerini is Officially Official!!

YAY!  I now have the domain name!!  I am so excited!  

Friday, February 11, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Jewelry?

I love jewelry (and clothing, and shoes, and handbags, and hair accessories, and belts, and just about everything...).  While perusing one of the gazillion magazines I subscribe to, I cam across a really cute necklace.  Of course I had to check out who made it, where I can get it, how much does it cost...

That is how I was introduced to two new BFFs - Stella & Dot.  After going through every page of their site, a figurative light bulb appeared above my head.  I love accessories, I love to shop, and I love to spend time with my friends.  Why not try and become a stylist and see how it goes?  What could go wrong?  NOTHING!  I have yet another "excuse" to hang out with my friends.  I get jewelry at a discount and if I sell some pieces, I can make a few dollars to support my shopping habit.  If this is Rich reading this - please read that last sentence as "I can save for the childrens' college education."  (Just kidding, we are already doing that ;)

I booked my first trunk show - February 26th at 8:00 pm...I sent out my first evite!  I also sent out my business launch email too (BTW, the date for the trunk show is incorrect on that email.  Thank you Amalia for pointing that out!  Whew...although if you want, you can come over on the 28th too!!)

So now I am watching videos, reading my manual, so excited!!!!  I ordered business cards and started my Facebook page.  I have my own personal web page

Now I am just patiently waiting for my sales kit (and of course the jewelry....whoooohoooo!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Who Knew That the Pledge Would Turn into a Deep Discussion?

This is the funniest thing!  A bit of background - I promise this will all make sense in a bit!  I always reprimand the boys when they say the phrase, "Oh My God" trying to replace "God" with "Goodness" or "Gosh".

The other night while we were sitting at dinner, N recited the Pledge of Allegiance all by himself! We were so proud of him!
This morning on the way to school, one of the boys said, "Oh My God" again so I corrected him. 

N then says, "But mom, the word "God" is in the Pledge of Allegiance", and then proceeds to reiterate that portion of the pledge. 

Of course I tell him that it is OK to say "God" in that instance. 

So then N follows up with, "So then what is 'God'?"  OK...a bit heavy for 7:45 in the morning!

My first response - "Why don't you ask your teacher when you get to class?" 

N: But Mom, you know everything! 

How sweet...right???  I have my work cut out for me now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New and Improved Blog....I Hope!

OK...I really wish I could write everyday.  I rack my brain to think of cool ideas to write stories, interesting happenings.  But to no avail, nothing comes to mind.  Am I really that boring?  Or should I say is my life really that boring???  I don't think so!  I wonder where the time goes - I am always on the run.  Dreaming of  a weekend day when we truly have NOTHING to do.  When I spot one of those weekends in my calendar, I think there must be something wrong and voila! a play date/dinner/doctor appointment magically pops up!

I am going to use this blog to bookmark favorite things I find in the gazillions of magazines and blogs I read daily.  Yes, I am old school and actually have magazine subscriptions - although I love my kindle for reading books - the experience of reading a physical magazine is the best!  I just started reading blogs and hope to one day have the following that some of my favorites have...(not that I don't appreciate deeply my two friends that have subscribed to my blog...)