Thursday, December 29, 2011

Paris Winter Fashion: The Girls of Montmartre

I love the blog, HiP Paris Blog, that I found before my travels to Paris!

Here's a fun article about Paris Winter Fashion in the Montmartre district (I was there!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

Warby Parker - Buy A Pair, Give A Pair

Warby Parker

I heard about a company that is similar in concept to Tom's, but take away the shoes and insert eyeglasses.  

"Warby Parker was conceived as an alternative to the overpriced and bland eye wear available today."  Their eyeglass style is boutique vintage, yet fashion forward at the same time (similar to the Stella & Dot jewelry line...)  These super cool glasses are only available through their website.  They offer free shipping, home try on and returns!  I thought it was too good to be true!   Being a mom of two and a full time worker, who has time or patience to go to an optical store and find the perfect pair of glasses (without children...with children forget it).  

My online experience with Warby was a great one!  I was able to choose five frames that I liked most, and have them shipped to my house for a 5-day trial.  This allows me to try them on in the comfort of my own home, show them to my family and friends, making it super easy to make a decision.  I was so excited when I received my box!!  Of course my husband was like, "Another package for you!?!"  Then, when he found out what was in the package, "Another pair of glasses!?"  OK, maybe I have a thing for glasses also :)

I brought the five pairs to work and asked my coworkers which one they liked best...then shipped the five pairs back to Warby.  Nedwins in Amber should arrive at my doorstep in 10 business days!  Almost immediately after I placed my order online, I received an email from Warby with directions on how to obtain my prescription, where to send it and some other vital info.  My optician faxed over the prescription, I found out my PD (needed for people with bad eyesight like mine LOL) and the order was in the works!!  The NEXT DAY, I received an email that my glasses are on their way to me!!!

3/4 View

I received this super nice email this morning that they have received my home try-on package.  Check it out:
Hi _____, thanks for sending your Warby Parker Home Try-On back! 

We just wanted to say thank you…for so many things, including:

1. Being undeniably awesome
2. Sending back your Warby Parker Home Try-On kit - we received it today, so rest assured the glasses are back in our hands!
3. Placing an order for some amazing new Warby Parker frames. We can't wait to get them to you.
4. Giving the gift of sight. For every pair we sell, we provide a pair of glasses to someone in need. Learn more about our Buy a Pair, Give a Pair program here!

Thank you. We love you, ____. We really do.
So much that we'd love to see you in your new Warby Parkers! When you get your new glasses, show us how they look by posting a photo of your first day in your new glasses on Facebook!

Please don't hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about Warby Parker, the status of your order, or about life in general! You can call us at (888) 492-7297 or write us at

In the meantime, thanks for being a part of our community!

- The Warby Parker Team

Seriously????  That is customer service at it's best and coolest!!!  Once I get my glasses, maybe I'll post a pic!   

OK...back to the main reason why I chose to check out this company - here it is in their words:

"We believe that everyone has the right to see. Unfortunately, millions of people around the world today don’t have access to proper vision care. To help address this problem, Warby Parker partners with renowned non-profits, such as, to deliver one pair of glasses to someone in need for every pair that we sell. In doing so, we enable you to share the gift of vision with someone who can’t see today and give them the opportunity to read, to work and to live a fuller life."

How great is THAT!!!!!

'Nuff said :)

Ways To Style Scarves!

I love scarves and always wanted to know how to tie them in unique ways...lo and behold my email from!!  

Check out this great tutorial!  
WAYS TO STYLE: Fall Scarves

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parisian Fashion

I love clothing - t shirts, sweaters, cardigans, tunics, jeans, leggings, pencil skirts, almond-toed heels (used to love the pointy -toed ones but then my bunions got in the way - sorry if TMI), Tory Burch flats, riding boots, Melissa jellies...the list could go on and on.  (Might be a future post...hmmmmm).

I digress...OK, so before I traveled overseas I needed to research what the Parisians are wearing.  I remember, when booking my honeymoon to Italy, our travel agent told us "NO WHITE SNEAKERS".  That was very good advice :).  In my google travels I came across some great posts that helped to mold my luggage contents.  It seems that Parisians love scarves (hence the 7 that I packed, maybe a little overkill).  
I noticed many (many, many) ladies wearing skirts or shorts with tights and then riding boots or some other kind of knee high boots.  

Trench coats were all over - on men and women - in solid colors and prints.  So glad I bought mine before the trip!
As usual, I over packed.  I think I packed about 7 white and off white long sleeve shirts to wear under my 6 sweaters (for 5 days LOLOL).  I like to have choices.  

Black is a big "color" there as well...something I remember reading but apparently didn't stick in my head as I packed browns and time!!  (Oh, and one day I had to wear white sneakers.  My feet were killing me from all of the walking we did.  Thankfully, a Parisian friend of Anouk's was wearing her white sneakers so we both looked like tourists hahahahaha).  

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hamburger From Heaven

A few posts ago I mentioned a hamburger I had while over in Paris.  My friend, Anouk, was kind enough to send me a picture of this AMAZING burger.  Yes, that's two potato pancakes hugging that delicious masterpiece  YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.  If you are ever in the 16th - go to L'Ogre and order their will not let you down.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Street Art

Growing up in New York and frequently visiting Brooklyn, Staten Island and the city, I would see graffiti splattered across the sides of buildings, on trains, and along the rock walls lining the highways. I didn't think much of it, other than wondering why people would do this...

When the phrase "street art" was mentioned to me for the first time, I immediately thought that they were speaking of the graffiti mentioned above. I guess someone could call that art? Maybe? I was completely wrong.  While in France, my friend had mentioned that she saw a movie about a famous street artist, Mr. Brainwash (a.k.a. MBW), and she had become very interested in the subject.  (Coincidentally, that same day, one of my high school friends purchased her first piece of "real art" as she called it - artwork from Mr. Brainwash - and met him as well!)  This new form of art peeked my interest, and made my tours through Paris even more exciting.  I took pictures of each work of art that we would find along our travels.  

I wish I knew the names of all of the artists...if anyone does know, please comment below and I will give them the credit they deserve!

Here are my "finds":

Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol

Space Invader

Space Invader

This engulfed the entire side of that building!  Jef Aerosol

Inside of a new restaurant opening the next day

A favorite of mine because it's 3D

I wanted to learn more about the origin of street art so, of course, I Google-d it.  The first website/blog I came across was  They made mention of Art Basel which took place in Miami a few weeks ago (note to self - I am definitely going next year!).  See below:

Rone. This is an example of the spontaneous and unsanctioned art that takes place on the streets of Miami during the four days of Art Basel.  (photo © Geoff Hargadon) (via

Two great sites to check out:

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ma dernière journée à Paris

I couldn't believe it was going to be my last full day in Paris :(  After lounging for a bit, we headed over to Centre Pompidou for the Edvard Munch exhibit entitled L'oeil Moderne.  (I also had my second Croque Monsieur - yum).
View from the top of the Pompidou

Cool water fountain outside of Pompidou

Another view from the top of the Pompidou
Edvard was sometimes considered an artist of the nineteenth century, and his tormented life was presented in a modern form.  Something interesting that I learned was that he would take one subject and paint it multiple times, using different mediums or forms.  He was also big into photography, loving to photograph himself.  Although one of his most popular pieces was The Scream, 

my favorite paintings from this exhibit are:

We also checked out some of the other modern artists' exhibits below.
Standing inside art!

Andy Warhol

There are so many different things in this painting.  You could sit for hours discovering them!

Cool stackable chairs...I love them!
After some serious art viewing, it was time to shop!  Off to Place Vendome we went, to take in the sites and purchase some souvenirs for family (and maybe a bag for me).  

On my husband's request, we visited Hotel Costes and I am so glad we did.  This uber chic hotel and meeting spot is a must-go!  The dark amber hues and soft lighting make this place perfect for a glass of wine and some cheese - a perfect place to rest your feet and do some interesting people watching.  

The tree is made of teddy bears!
The department stores had some amazing holiday lights and store windows!  Printemps:

Galerie Lafayette:

Dinner...that was interesting.  After waiting over an hour for a table, and having a very "interesting" waiter, I can say that the food was still very good (escargots and a french take on chicken cacciatore) and the company was what made it a great night.