Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmaka is Coming...

UY VEY...So the holidays are around the corner!  Every time I buy a gift, I say that it is going to be the last gift I am getting and that I am done with holiday shopping.  And then I find something else whether it is in my Shop It To Me daily email, part of a Midday Dash with Neiman Marcus or even a simple Rue La La or Gilt sale that is the PERFECT gift for so-and-so.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"MY" First Parent Teacher Conference

This morning I attended my first parent teacher conference for N!  I have to say - I was a bit nervous and it wasn't even for ME!  I aimed to dress "professional" as if I was the one being reviewed.  Hee hee.  I parked the car and as I was walking up to the school's front doors, I was wondering what we would talk about.  DUH - Nathan!!!  It was interesting that I had to push a button to have someone unlock the entry door (kind of sad as we didn't have that security when I was growing up - it wasn't needed).

I had to go straight to the main office and check in as a visitor.  They had a computer station set up where I had to enter my name and reason for visit.  After I finished the electronic form, I clicked "Complete" and a name tag was printed.  Technology these days!! 

Walking down the hallway to N's classroom, I couldn't help my reminisce about my childhood.  The smell of the school reminded me so much of my elementary school days.  The thick, concrete block walls were littered with the childrens' artwork.  I was so proud to see N's pumpkin and black cat hanging amongst his friends' work. 

Opening the door to room 130, my palms started to sweat - what???  Seriously...I was nervous.  N's teacher is a nice lady - eyebrow and nose ring included.  She's probably in her 50's, not too feminine, and you can tell that she doesn't take crap from anyone.  She lead me to a small half-moon shaped table and offered me one of the tiny chairs. 

We reviewed his performance, both behavioral and educational.  She mentioned that he seems to be immature for his age (huh?  I know it sounds odd, but I kind of understand what she means), but once you get past the "silliness" he is so intelligent.  I could have told her that!  She complimented him on his reading ability - which is when I proudly interjected saying that he won the "Best Reader" award at VPK.  She was definitely not surprised.  I expressed to her my love of reading - introduced her to my Kindle, explained how when I was on maternity leave with N I read him Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Great Glass Elevator, and how I aim to read to the two of my boys every night.  It pays off!!!

He is doing exceptionally well in Math, Social Studies, and Science.  He can name the first six science tools that he was introduced to. 

The first few days of school were a bit of a challenge for him.  Apparently, he didn't like the initial change and verbalized this to his teacher.  He stood up, placed his hands on his hips and very matter-of-factly told her that he was not coming back to this school the next day and that he was going back to his old school.  She said it was so hard to keep a straight face and couldn't believe how serious he was.  I laughed and told her of his numerous threats to move to NY when we tell him he needs to finish his breakfast.

Over all, it was a great visit.  I have to workon his scissor cutting, coloring and direction taking but he got such a great review. I am so little man!!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween was Not So Bad!!

We're at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party.  We've already been on the Buzz Lightyear ride and the Tomorrowland Speedway (I only lasted one lap with G steering.  If there was no rail underneath keeping us on the track, it would have been tragic!).

When it was our turn on line to take a picture with THE Buzz Lightyear, the boys were star struck. It was the cutest thing.   N took a little tumble as we were leaving the picture area, and who was there to help him up and give him a hug - Buzz himself!  What a hero!  :)

After an uneventful dinner and bathroom break #2, N and I rode solo on the Pooh ride.  G isn't into the rides as much as N for some reason.

Next was the Dumbo ride, Cinderella's carousel, Snow White (which was a bit scary). Peter Pan and Pirates of the Caribbean followed.   Along the way, we collected candy (great candy at that!).

Time to change into costumes - well pajamas.  G was Buzz (of course) and N was Woody.  On to even more fun!   The Boo To You parade was soooooo cool!  Especially since this was the first parade Nathan stayed up for!!

On the way out, I had to stop at the Confectionery and get the boys some chocolate covered pretzels. The cast members that worked there are great. They totally pretended that N and G were the actual characters that they were portraying - even down to asking them for autographs and everything!  N signed his "name" - Wooy (hey, it was 9 o'clock already.  I can't knock him for misspellings). The boys even got marshmallows on a stick.

We're on our way back to the hotel, which within itself ranks as exciting to the boys as monorail rides and the park itself.

Friday, September 24, 2010

From the Mouth of Babes Part III

Wednesday morning was full of funny conversations with my older dude.  It starts with me in the shower, getting ready for my work day. 

N: I don't feel good.
Me: What's wrong buddy?
N: Please wipe the water off the shower so I can see you.
Me: OK - now - what's wrong?
N: I don't feel good.  I have the huccups (phonetically spelled)
Me: The huccups?  Do you mean the hiccups? 
N: Yeah, the huccups.
Me: Don't worry buddy, hiccups don't hurt you.  It's just air that is trapped in your belly. 
Conversation ended here.

I go downstairs after getting dressed, ready to finish making their lunches, dry my hair, etc.  Apparently my husband and N are bantering back and forth about whether N is eating or not.  Please note that this is the same dialogue we have EVERY morning!  The most memorable line of this conversation:

N: That's it, I am moving to New York.
He's 5...

OK, now we're in the car, working our way slowly north to the drop-off line at the elementary school. 

N: Mom, I don't feel good.
Me: What's hurting you buddy?
N: My penis.
(long silence)
Me: Your...penis?  Why does your penis hurt?
N: (looking down towards his shorts) Oh, no, it's better now.
I let that conversation end naturally.  LOL  My husband did get a call about that one....that is his territory.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Mama

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of my mom.   I know this sounds a bit backwards, as you normally always hear about the parents being so proud of their children...but that is not necessarily the way it should be! 

A little over a week ago my mom had knee replacement surgery.  We (the family) were all worried as we didn't know what to expect.  We knew this surgery was imminent - Mom would be in pain walking only short distances.  She'd have to get a motorized scooter when we went to theme parks so that she could enjoy the family outing.  (BTW, I really dislike those things - they are not easy to maneuver and I have lost many layers of skin on the back of my feet from literal run-ins with those machines).  I could see in Mom's eyes that she would want to be a part of the mayhem when the grandchildren would be running around or playing on the floor.  We all hoped that this surgery would allow her to participate in the craziness :). 
We worried about the pain quotient of this surgery...would it be unbearable or something that could be handled with medication and a little bit of patience?  Would Mom be able to leave the rehabilitation facility in the 5 days that the girl at the surgeon's office said she would, or would it be longer?  

Mom was nervous and it was apparent both silently and verbally (I had never heard my mom say she was nervous really about anything before).  The fact that it came out of Mom's mouth made me a bit more nervous myself.  To me, my mom is the rock - she can't get hurt (although unfortunately she is a bit clumsy LOL), she doesn't feel pain, she is superwoman.  It is weird, but when she shows weakness it frustrates me.  That is really odd - right? forward to the surgery day.  I was able to leave work a bit earlier than usual so I could be with Dad in the waiting room.  Our family friend was there, which I was really happy about - even though Dad said he didn't need someone there I thought just having someone sit there, even if they were completely quiet - is comforting.  The surgery lasted about 3 hours.  Mom was brought up to her room about 1.5 hours later and we were SO HAPPY to see her!! She was drugged up (thankfully) but looked good!  I could breathe a lot better now that I could see her there with my own eyes. 

Mom spent a few days in the hospital and then went over to the rehabilitation center.  She has been kicking ass there.  The food sucks, but that kind of is the norm.  She has physical therapy 3 hours every morning.  She pushes herself through it, however painful and draining it truly is.  When we come to visit her, she has a smile on her face and is in a great mood, welcoming company and conversation.  She comes home on Saturday and more than likely with a cane and not a walker!  Her progress is phenomenal - she is doing so well.  Her positive attitude and outlook, I feel, have made all the difference.  I can't say enough how proud of her I truly am...

Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Idea of a Sunday Fun Day

I love Sundays. I actually look forward to this day all week. Breakfast is always bialis with lox and cream cheese. While my hubby goes to get the goods, I separate the paper making piles of my faves, his faves and garbage. We eat in silence, savoring our ritualistic meal while reading about the current events, sports, and sales happening around our little world.

The boys play together nicely in the AM, for the most part, and that gives me time to do some cleaning after a delicious meal. I start the vacuum, which brings the boys running - asking if they can help. OF COURSE! While they fight over who is going to vacuum next (a squabble I totally do not mind), I tidy up the kitchen, check my email and then start to put all of the random items floating around the house in their rightful places. I even clean the pantry - a place that irks my OCD on a daily basis. It'll stay organized for maybe 2 days...we'll see.

All of a sudden it's lunch time! Babe usually whips up something fast and yummy. Next is nap time - YAY!!! Maybe I have slowly turned into a toddler while my children grew older, but I loooovvveeeee nap time. This is my time to read my book and fall asleep...the perfect middle of a perfect day.

We're all up and raring to go after nap time. Coffee is brewing to push us through to the end of the day. Now it's time to either run errands, swim, play, (watch football games during season), or just chill.
Mom and Dad usually are our guests of honor for dinner on Sundays - a few fun hours to catch up on what's been happening the past week, great food a la Babe. Then it is bath time for the boys and bedtime for Mama and Papa!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

One More Time...

I don't understand why certain people find it necessary to repeat themselves NUMEROUS it that they are trying to convince themselves of the statement at the same time they are saying it? Is it that they love to hear themselves talk? Is it that they are truly not listening to you in the first place...

I get so frustrated when people repeat themselves. It, in turn, makes me repeat myself and only escalates the fact that I am getting aggravated.

I also don't understand why people ask questions that they know you do not know the answer to, because you haven't gone to the informational meeting to know anything about it to begin with. They ask you question after question, and then you are inclined to repeat over and over that we will find out all of this information at the meeting at 3. THEN you are told by the annoying person that they might not be able to make the meeting at 3 and, no we should not reschedule it for a time that they would be able to make it (so they can get their stupid questions answered and leave me alone!!!!!).

Whew...I feel better now :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

From the Mouth of Babes Part 2

My oldest son is a trip...the other night I must have said something that he did not agree on, or want to do, or something. You know his response????

"I'm going to slap you , woman." WHAT????? From the mouth of a 5 year old!!! OK...I know that they hear things and repeat them, but my husband DOES NOT call me "woman" - and if he did I would seriously change that immediately.

Secondly, we don't even use the word "slap" in the house. You will definitely hear the word "hit" as in, "Don't hit your brother!" or, in hysterics, "So-and-so hit me!!! Waaaaaaaa".

I know I am not the only mother that goes through this. I just find it rather funny.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Girl's Night Out

Last night, after many conversations in passing with the ladies in my neighborhood, we finally got together for a Girl's Night Out. It started out with four of us - two happily married girls and two going through what sounds like bitter divorces - in a minivan (we're all moms...). We arrived at the restaurant and were ready to relax and have a good time.

The first waiter that greeted us at the table was a very flamboyant, super nice, big bald guy. We were ready to order our Ladies Night drink specials when he, very enthusiastically, recommended we try this fabulous zinfandel (red) bottle and then after the bottle we can order the house wine. For some reason we all thought that was a great idea at the time, but in hindsight, his MO was to have us buy a bottle and then we never saw him again (and we ended up spending more on our drinks than if we just stuck to our original intention of 2 for 1 house wine...). He was a good sales person. LOL

The restaurant theme was a mixture of Thai and Japanese both in design and food choices; dimly lit with a mixture of long high top tables and velvet booths. I don't really remember much of background music - just fellow patrons talking amongst themselves. The menu was very interesting - I had never heard of Asian crepes and was tempted to order them, but all that came to my mind was the 1,110 calorie salad I had for lunch. I had better eat a bit lighter for dinner. I ordered wonton soup and my special sushi roll - tuna, asparagus, and cream cheese wrapped in cucumber with ponzu sauce. The waiter immediately asked me if I was from Lithuania after I placed my order. I couldn't quite get the connection between the revamped KC roll and where I came from. Once I explained that I am from "here", he then told me that his wife is from Lithuania and she orders the same thing I do. Mystery solved. Oy.

Dinner was delicious. Glasses of wine were consumed. Friendships were made. Overall it was a great night. Next time we are going to go to the Greek place - can you say Ouzo? :)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


It's so odd that some days I can wake up in the best mood and by 9:30 am I am cranky. I am trying to figure out what triggers it...I drank my coffee and had my zone bar this morning. Could it be that I look at my To Do list and become stressed? Maybe...I am going to start deleting some line items there.

I feel better (a little).

Thursday, July 29, 2010

From the Mouth of Babes

I hear the darnedest things come from my two boys' mouths and always wish I could write down what they say to reflect on it later on. Well, guess what? I am going to record them here!! LOL

The other day Gabriel woke up from his nap at Grandma Susan's and had a stinky (sorry if this is TMI - I have two kids and topics such as "stinkies" are part of normal, everyday conversation). Mom asked him what happened and he said that there was a really loud noise that came out of his tushy. Mom then proceeded to ask him what the noise sounded like...Gabriel's answer - "A thunderstorm". That must have been one nice diaper - thanks Mom!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's just a number, right?

Tomorrow (at 1:59 pm to be exact) I am going to be 34 years old. 34...I don't know what to think of it. I mean I have already exceeded 30. I think I may freak a bit next year at 35, but 34 is just, I don't know, 34.

I have accomplished quite a bit in the past 34 years - and I am very proud and thankful for so much! I have graduated college; met the greatest man who is now my husband; gave birth to two of the sweetest, most gorgeous little boys; continued on with my career in marketing; have a fabulous home filled with love; a supportive loving family; and I cannot forget my health and general happiness. :)

I am very happy, especially that I can finally use the words "content", "comfortable", and at times "relaxed". LOL - I use the word "relaxed" loosely.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sisterly Love Part Deux

I had such a great weekend with my sister and her family!! It was super short but filled with fun and lots of love. Friday I arrived at about 9:30 am and could not wait to get into the city to see my sister and aunt. My 2 hour visit with AB was short as she was headed back to New Mexico that afternoon, but I am glad that I got to hang out with her :) I scored some super cool shoes, helped her with a survey, tried my first fig and learned how to use a shoe horn for the first time! The whole shoe horn incident was rather funny - I think AB had to show me how to use it 6 times before I finally got the hang of it. What do you expect when the show of choice in Florida is a flip flop!!

1 pm and I was in a cab on my way to 31st and 7th - I don't think the cab could have gotten me there fast enough! Entering 11 Penn Plaza, I was so excited that I couldn't find my wallet to get my ID out for the security guard, then I walked on the wrong side of the roped off area (I was sternly told that I was going the wrong way), geez! When the elevator opened at the 13th floor - which I was surprised that there was a 13th floor in this building - I saw the person I have been so psyched to see - my sister!!! We hung out at her office for a bit so she could get a few things done and then we were off to spend the rest of the weekend together.

Next stop - H & M - which was a bit insane...why were all of those people in H & M and not at work? It was 2ish in the afternoon and it seemed like a weekend day looking at the foot traffic in this place! Jami helped me find some cute shirts and a dress and we were off again - this time to catch a train to CT so we can watch my nephew test for his orange belt.

The train ride was even great! We grabbed two Coronas from a vendor at Grand Central Station and continued on our way to find track 105. Once on the not-so-air conditioned train, we realized there were no available seats so we stood the hour or so long ride, drank our cold Coronas, shared a yummy pretzel and began catching up on each others' hectic lives. Time flew, and next thing you know we are at our stop!

After finding a great deal on Crocs for the boys, we headed over to my nephew's karate school to watch him test for his orange belt. The karate students were so cute - some were getting their orange belts like my nephew while others were getting a different level of belt. My nephew did so well...I am so proud of him. (Not to mention that he looked so cute in his little white outfit!)

When I got to my sister's house I couldn't wait to see my niece and younger nephew...I felt like a little kid waiting to open her gifts! My brother in law made the most awesome pizza on the BBQ with fresh basil from his garden and prosciutto. We drank wine outside by the fire and I couldn't have been more relaxed, happy (and a bit tired) in a really long time. When I am with my sister I feel so at ease and complete.

The first thing I heard Saturday morning was "Where's Dana?" My little nephew speaks so well now - and he wanted to see ME! Next thing I knew I had everyone on my bed, snuggling and hugging. My sister made me a delicious omelet with olives and feta - another meal I want to make now that I am home.

Saturday afternoon was party time! It was my oldest nephew's birthday party and everyone had a blast. After jumping, running and sliding in one of Pump It Up's rooms, they opened the door to another BIGGER room for even more jumping, running and sliding. Saturday night we ate dinner and then once the kiddies were in bed, my sister and I went to her room to spend some quality time talking and cleaning up her closet a bit. By the time 11 pm hit, I was ready for "night night". Sad to not have the energy to stay up later, I went to bed content in knowing that I had another full day to be with everyone there.

Sunday morning I looked at the clock and was in shock that it read 7:45 am - that is LATE for me!! They let me sleep in which was so nice!! I felt like I slept for days! Our Sisters Only breakfast was at this little Venezuelan cafe'. I had the best pancakes I have ever had! Delish!

We ran some errands, which was even fun because it was time spent together. A funny thing happened at Wal Mart...we were in the plastic container aisle looking for cereal containers. I found one that I thought would be a good size, grabbed it off of the shelf and was instantly attacked by a huge cereal container! It hit my right eye pretty bad. It was so fast, all I could think about was, "What the heck was that?" After the initial, "HUH?" I noticed it hurt a bit. After being told that it was turning black and blue I went to the Subway restaurant inside the store and got some ice. How odd is that? The black and blue isn't too bad...I think. LOL A pedicure and manicure made my eye feel ALLLLLLL better :)

The rest of the day was spent with the family. We played with legos, went swimming and hung out in the basement playing with toys. When it was time for me to go, I instantly grew a lump in my throat. When we were five minutes from the airport, my anxiety kicked in - I couldn't even breathe through it. I couldn't hold back the tears. I hate this part of the is the worst. After trying to catch my breath, I realized I had to just go into the airport. Looking at my niece and nephews only made it worse - I couldn't stop crying.

I am already researching flights to visit them for Halloween...or maybe next week?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sisterly Love

I am so excited for Friday to finally be here! My flight to NY lands at 9:46 am - from there I will take a cab into the city and walk around a bit until I get to see Jami and then we're off! Shopping, nails, cocktails, shopping, dinner - so much fun!

Saturday is Dylan's birthday party and I am so glad that I can be there for that as well! I can't wait to spend time with Jami and her family. I miss my niece and nephews so much. I feel guilty to have the pleasure of hanging out with them without the boys and Rich but I need this - I really do.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

R.I.P. Petey Poo

On Monday, I had to make the hardest decision in my entire life. I had to give permission for the veterinarian to put Petey to sleep. My heart hurts so badly.

This nightmare started Sunday night. I had just put Gabriel to bed and was in Nathan’s room getting everything ready for the next day. I heard a “tumble” by the stairs and a whimper and went to see what was up. Petey was laying there on the landing of our steps, not moving at all. I ran down the stairs to pick him up and he didn’t even move. It seemed that his right back leg was hurt…he wouldn’t walk on it at all. I brought him outside to see if he would walk there, go to the bathroom, anything…nope. Inside, I brought his bed up to my room and laid it on him, hoping that he just bruised his leg and he’d be fine in the morning.
At about 5 a.m. I heard what I thought was a whimper and looked down on the floor to see Petey about 5 feet from his bed, but not moving. It looked like he tried to walk and couldn’t because it hurt, so he gave up and laid there where he was. When I woke up, I picked him up, and brought him outside to see if he had to go to the bathroom. To no avail, he didn’t go nor would he put any weight on his back right leg. I dropped the kids off to school and went straight to the vet.

The doctor said that she wouldn’t know what was wrong until they took x-rays and got a better look. At 9:30 I received the call that Petey dislocated his hip, and of course not in a “traditional” way, but in a way that they would try to relocate it but they couldn’t splint or bandage it. I didn’t know what to say at this point. I was told that the relocation might not even stay – his hip could dislocate again which means more pain and an unsuccessful treatment including general sedation and 2 weeks of fully drugged out “rest”. I was all alone – Rich was out of town on business and my parents were visiting my sister in CT. Great….

Finally, after speaking to my parents, friends and another vet, I gained the strength to call the veterinarian and explain Petey’s current quality of life and my decision. Poor Petey was deaf, getting cataracts, a bit incontinent, would snap at people, and hadn’t wagged his tail in over a year. He was still sweet with Rich and I…our little peter peter pumpkin eater. The vet offered to keep him over night and have me think it over, but I told her it would just make me miserable until the next morning when I would most likely call with the same decision.
At 3:30 pm I called Rich and asked him to tell me if it was the right decision…he agreed, and I cried. I called the vet at 3:45 pm and she said she was going to do it as soon as she got off of the phone. It was so finite. So cold. I guess there was no other way to say it. I cried, I cried a lot…how terrible. I felt as if I took a life…no one should have the power to do this. I know he was in pain and had no quality of life…I just feel so terrible.

Robyn and Keren took me out to get my mind off of things…it did help a lot. I came home to a quiet home, and tried to get to bed as soon as I could to keep thoughts out of my mind.
I was ok yesterday, but the mail today brought more than my Redbook magazine. I received a package from the veterinarian. It contained a sympathy card signed by the vet and some other vet techs, a picture of Petey from that day, and a paw print of Petey’s. I lost it. That picture was taken on Monday, the day I left Petey at the vet. He looks like he was smiling in the picture – sitting on a wicker chair, hanging out. He looked happy, not in pain…why did they include the picture???? I stared at the picture and internally berated myself. What if I made the wrong decision? I should have just gone through with the surgery…right? I gave up on him too fast…I let him down…I left him there and let them euthanize him. I didn’t say goodbye, I couldn’t. I am unfit as a pet owner. I brought Sadie into the house and he became even more miserable. Did I shut him out?

But he was in pain. He didn’t seem happy. He wasn’t the Petey I used to know. He was 13 and an older dog. He didn’t have the “spring up his ass” like he used to.
I love you Petey. I hope I did you right…I wish you could have told me how you felt. I hope you know that I love you and that I really believe I did what was best.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last Friday started out as a rainy morning, rushing to get the kids ready for school as usual. I packed the kids into the car a tad later than normal, started the windshield wipers and began the trek to 2 schools and then work. My oldest son’s drop off took a bit longer than anticipated due to the inclement weather and super long kid drop-off line.

Next stop – Preschool for my little one. I pull into the next available spot which was a bit further from the front door than I wanted. It was still raining, so I grabbed by umbrella, his lunch bag and his hat (it was Crazy Hat Day) and braved the rainy weather. 10 minutes later I was walking to my car, thinking that I need to haul butt to get to work by 9.

Opening the driver’s side door, I was not anticipating what I saw next. Little greenish pieces of something were scattered across the driver’s seat. Looking towards the passenger side, there were a lot more of these foreign greenish things and then…what???? Where is my passenger door window? What just happened? Wait, where is my bag – my new bag that my husband brought home for me from his trip? Who did this to my car? What do I do now?

I noticed my phone was on the center console. I called the preschool's front desk and asked them what I should do. I called Rich. I called my friend and coworker Lauren to tell her what happened and that I didn’t think I’d be to work on time. It was slowly setting in now – my car was broken into. I left my purse in the car because it was raining. I didn’t think anyone would even see it on the front seat because of the super dark window tint and the fact that everyone, like myself, was rushing to get out of the rain/get to work/etc.

Boy was I wrong. Surveillance cameras showed me real enough what the thief did. No face or license plate was discernible due to less than technologically savvy cameras.
I am now dealing with a deputy sheriff that is less than excited to follow up on this case, takes down the wrong information, and would rather be fishing or something…

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 3rd Row

I have to say I was initially skeptical about the 3rd row. To begin with, it’s an odd number. It’s not the coveted 1st row or the cool “back row” as in school buses and movie theaters. No, it is the 3rd row…

The 3rd row of my SUV that is!! It is great! We drove to Naples today and, to be polite, I gave my mother-in-law the front passenger seat. I would have loved to sit with my boys but sitting between two car seats and on the “hump” didn’t register as comfort during a 2 hour drive. What was left? The 3rd row!!

For the entire week prior to this day, I dreamt of the quiet time I would have in the 3rd row. I could crochet, read and redo my budget…

It was the best seat in the house . I am slowly but surely going to finish this blanket for Gabriel, even if it ends up being his college dorm blanket. I read a bit of my book, and tried to work on my budget but lost my pencil before leaving Coconut Creek. That’ll have to wait for another road trip.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Heaven or Hell

This weekend has been jam packed!!! Yesterday I loved the coffee talk with my long time friend, Cat, followed by a baby shower for Jamie. At the shower Cat started (remember the word “started”) a conversation about religion with one of the partygoers. I don’t know how Cat could have subconsciously picked a more religious person to discuss this with. I honestly don’t know how the conversation began, but somehow it was me who was the only one left for the ending.

Don’t get me wrong – the lady was super nice, and super religious. I mentioned that my mom is jewish and my dad is catholic somewhere in the middle there, but I don’t think she even heard me. Somehow I ended up with The Book of John and a clearer understanding that you should never answer a loaded question like, ” do you think you’re going to go to heaven or hell?”.

A bit too heavy of a conversation for a baby shower…Cat realized this and went to get tea and I stayed, not wanting to be impolite, and ended up with an earful.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Zap, Ouch! Zap, Ouch!

So I just got back from my first laser hair removal session. I think this concept is amazing (barring that it works!!). I walked in and Susan, the RN, was super nice. She brought me into the “laser room” and before I sat down she told me not to worry about being shy because she was a labor and delivery nurse for over 20 years. OK – so basically she has seen thousands of vagenes – it did make me feel better as I was standing in only my bra moments later…

I had to lay on the table with my arms above my head (for the under arms) and my ankles together, knees bent with them out like frogs legs (sorry if this is TMI but I was wondering how this would work and I am sure maybe others are too??). It took all of 10 seconds for my lip, 2 minutes for my underarms and about 5 minutes for my “lower area”. I won’t lie – it hurt! But when she was done, so was the pain. Yes, there were times I was like, “Can I take a break?” and, “Ouch that really hurts”, and moments where I was breathing in a lamaze-like fashion. BUT I am so glad I agreed to do this!

I have to go back 4 more times, each time being about 5-6 weeks apart.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What "really" is a budget for?

OK – I have to say one of my most favorite things in the entire world to do is shop…I love it and I think I may do too much of it!! At work, when I am bored (90% of the time), I browse the world of online shopping. There is so much out there!!! I find things I need and then I find things I “really” need…and then I find things needed for the house, and then for so-and-so’s birthday/christening/baby/mother/uncle…you get the idea.

I am going to stop the unnecessary online shopping. It is going to be hard considering the amazing deals I get via the internet, but I really do have to categorize my shopping into the true “needs” and “wants”.

Sadie, Sadie, Shady Lady!

Sadie is getting bigger by the minute. She has the last installment of her puppy shots this Saturday followed by a puppy grooming. I can’t wait to see how much she weighs…she is in so many ways my little baby girl .

She is doing well – very playful, likes to eat the window blinds by the front door, is working on being house trained, loves Gabriel b/c he is her height, and is very loving. I wish she could sleep in bed with us as she looks like a good cuddler but Rich does not agree – hahahaha. Oh well…I was thinking of letting her sleep on the bed when Rich was in Vegas but then I would get caught when she jumped on the bed when he got home. Nathan slept in Rich’s spot and it was fun – we watched Sesame Street followed by HGTV until we fell asleep.

I am learning through many puppy-related conversations that she will eventually not poop and pee as much, not bite and pull as much; and that one month is short in terms of the time frame needed to un-puppy Sadie.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why is the word “Customer” even in the phrase “Customer Service” anymore??

LA Fitness sucks. I finally got off my ass to go to the gym Saturday morning and was hit head on by the worst customer service…nice way to start the new year, right???
My friend agreed to meet me at the gym and help me get back on track – teach me how to use some of the machines and to keep me motivated. I was so excited!! I brought Nathan and Gabriel with me so they could enjoy the Kids’ Club and Rich could get some quiet time to clean out the garage.

I get to LA Fitness and give them my little key fob to check in. The receptionist tells me that my home gym is not this one and to drop the kids off and then come back to talk to her. I do as told, and she now had the sales manager behind her. He states that she is correct and for a $99 flat fee I can get a national membership. I explain that I have been to this gym numerous times in the past and no one has said anything to me at check-in; that my husband signed me back up/reactivated my account and that this should be my “home gym”. He starts getting snotty (I am annoyingly embarrassed at this point in time…) and told me that I can work out there today but then I have to go back to the other gym and work out the issues. He says nothing about calling the other gym and helping me rectify the situation…nothing about working out the confusion, etc. So I told him that after this time I am going to cancel my membership. This makes him listen a bit more now, so he states that he doesn’t want that to happen. I was so pissed off at this point that I stared at him and growled, “Then fix it” and walked away.

I was so angry – angry at his rudeness and lack of service, angry that I was even allowing this to get to me…I never usually get this worked up. The only word that comes to my mind when I think of him (that I won’t regret posting on this blog) is JERK. I am over it, but will not be calm until this gets rectified…I sicced Rich on him.

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! This year is going to be a great year – I can feel it now!! I am going to get healthy, eat healthy, spend as much time as I can with the kiddos, and budget. I HAVE TO BUDGET…

I have Quicken, I am an unashamed coupon cutter, I look for sales, I do all of the above and then some, but I cannot seem to save $$$. I created a fabulous spreadsheet when my husband thought we were not allocating our funds properly…he was shocked as well (not at the fact that I created the spreadsheet, but that we shell out more money than we ever thought).

It is not too late though (I keep repeating that over and over) – I am going to turn us around…I am going to actually look at the cool graphs that Quicken offers (that I swore I had to have and would use) and analyze them. I am going to ignore the Shop It To Me, Rue La La, Gilt Group, HauteLook, and Shop Style email alerts (unless of course it is a final sale…). I am going to clip coupons with a fervour and actually use them.

I am going to log my ups and downs, my great deals and my savings. Here I go…wish me luck…I will need it BIG TIME!!