Monday, July 19, 2010

Sisterly Love Part Deux

I had such a great weekend with my sister and her family!! It was super short but filled with fun and lots of love. Friday I arrived at about 9:30 am and could not wait to get into the city to see my sister and aunt. My 2 hour visit with AB was short as she was headed back to New Mexico that afternoon, but I am glad that I got to hang out with her :) I scored some super cool shoes, helped her with a survey, tried my first fig and learned how to use a shoe horn for the first time! The whole shoe horn incident was rather funny - I think AB had to show me how to use it 6 times before I finally got the hang of it. What do you expect when the show of choice in Florida is a flip flop!!

1 pm and I was in a cab on my way to 31st and 7th - I don't think the cab could have gotten me there fast enough! Entering 11 Penn Plaza, I was so excited that I couldn't find my wallet to get my ID out for the security guard, then I walked on the wrong side of the roped off area (I was sternly told that I was going the wrong way), geez! When the elevator opened at the 13th floor - which I was surprised that there was a 13th floor in this building - I saw the person I have been so psyched to see - my sister!!! We hung out at her office for a bit so she could get a few things done and then we were off to spend the rest of the weekend together.

Next stop - H & M - which was a bit insane...why were all of those people in H & M and not at work? It was 2ish in the afternoon and it seemed like a weekend day looking at the foot traffic in this place! Jami helped me find some cute shirts and a dress and we were off again - this time to catch a train to CT so we can watch my nephew test for his orange belt.

The train ride was even great! We grabbed two Coronas from a vendor at Grand Central Station and continued on our way to find track 105. Once on the not-so-air conditioned train, we realized there were no available seats so we stood the hour or so long ride, drank our cold Coronas, shared a yummy pretzel and began catching up on each others' hectic lives. Time flew, and next thing you know we are at our stop!

After finding a great deal on Crocs for the boys, we headed over to my nephew's karate school to watch him test for his orange belt. The karate students were so cute - some were getting their orange belts like my nephew while others were getting a different level of belt. My nephew did so well...I am so proud of him. (Not to mention that he looked so cute in his little white outfit!)

When I got to my sister's house I couldn't wait to see my niece and younger nephew...I felt like a little kid waiting to open her gifts! My brother in law made the most awesome pizza on the BBQ with fresh basil from his garden and prosciutto. We drank wine outside by the fire and I couldn't have been more relaxed, happy (and a bit tired) in a really long time. When I am with my sister I feel so at ease and complete.

The first thing I heard Saturday morning was "Where's Dana?" My little nephew speaks so well now - and he wanted to see ME! Next thing I knew I had everyone on my bed, snuggling and hugging. My sister made me a delicious omelet with olives and feta - another meal I want to make now that I am home.

Saturday afternoon was party time! It was my oldest nephew's birthday party and everyone had a blast. After jumping, running and sliding in one of Pump It Up's rooms, they opened the door to another BIGGER room for even more jumping, running and sliding. Saturday night we ate dinner and then once the kiddies were in bed, my sister and I went to her room to spend some quality time talking and cleaning up her closet a bit. By the time 11 pm hit, I was ready for "night night". Sad to not have the energy to stay up later, I went to bed content in knowing that I had another full day to be with everyone there.

Sunday morning I looked at the clock and was in shock that it read 7:45 am - that is LATE for me!! They let me sleep in which was so nice!! I felt like I slept for days! Our Sisters Only breakfast was at this little Venezuelan cafe'. I had the best pancakes I have ever had! Delish!

We ran some errands, which was even fun because it was time spent together. A funny thing happened at Wal Mart...we were in the plastic container aisle looking for cereal containers. I found one that I thought would be a good size, grabbed it off of the shelf and was instantly attacked by a huge cereal container! It hit my right eye pretty bad. It was so fast, all I could think about was, "What the heck was that?" After the initial, "HUH?" I noticed it hurt a bit. After being told that it was turning black and blue I went to the Subway restaurant inside the store and got some ice. How odd is that? The black and blue isn't too bad...I think. LOL A pedicure and manicure made my eye feel ALLLLLLL better :)

The rest of the day was spent with the family. We played with legos, went swimming and hung out in the basement playing with toys. When it was time for me to go, I instantly grew a lump in my throat. When we were five minutes from the airport, my anxiety kicked in - I couldn't even breathe through it. I couldn't hold back the tears. I hate this part of the is the worst. After trying to catch my breath, I realized I had to just go into the airport. Looking at my niece and nephews only made it worse - I couldn't stop crying.

I am already researching flights to visit them for Halloween...or maybe next week?

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