Monday, October 17, 2011

5K or Bust (or something like that)

I am tired, and not because its Monday and the weather stinks (although it IS Monday and the weather is gross).  During lunch today, my 5K buddy and I ran on the treadmills at our local gym.  For some odd reason I thought I could kick it up a notch and increase the speed which probably wasn't the best idea.   I am feeling it now.  I need to seriously get my running butt into gear!!!

Our 5K is scheduled for November 12th.  Since I signed up, I think we have been to the gym a handful of times, and I really don't think that is enough (I know it isn't!).  I mean, my husband was away on business for a week, and I was sick for a week...blah blah blah, I know - there's a little violin playing just for me.

One of my closest far away friends is training for a 10K (bless her soul), and we decided we would be running buddies from across the pond.  I think she said that she slept through her last running practice.  LOLOLOL...I am not laughing at you Nookie, I am laughing WITH you.  Sounds like something I would do, for sure!  She mentioned in a text, (BTW, check out the app entitled can text to anywhere around the world for free!) that I should bring my sneakers when I come visit her in Paris.  See, packing my sneakers to run around the Eiffel Tower...totally doable!!  Running down A1A on a humid morning (I hope not) doesn't sound that exciting.  BUT I AM GOING TO DO IT!!

I basically I am just whining and complaining, even though I have been wanting to do a 5K for a year or so.  I am going to do it...just bear with me. 

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