Saturday, March 20, 2010


Last Friday started out as a rainy morning, rushing to get the kids ready for school as usual. I packed the kids into the car a tad later than normal, started the windshield wipers and began the trek to 2 schools and then work. My oldest son’s drop off took a bit longer than anticipated due to the inclement weather and super long kid drop-off line.

Next stop – Preschool for my little one. I pull into the next available spot which was a bit further from the front door than I wanted. It was still raining, so I grabbed by umbrella, his lunch bag and his hat (it was Crazy Hat Day) and braved the rainy weather. 10 minutes later I was walking to my car, thinking that I need to haul butt to get to work by 9.

Opening the driver’s side door, I was not anticipating what I saw next. Little greenish pieces of something were scattered across the driver’s seat. Looking towards the passenger side, there were a lot more of these foreign greenish things and then…what???? Where is my passenger door window? What just happened? Wait, where is my bag – my new bag that my husband brought home for me from his trip? Who did this to my car? What do I do now?

I noticed my phone was on the center console. I called the preschool's front desk and asked them what I should do. I called Rich. I called my friend and coworker Lauren to tell her what happened and that I didn’t think I’d be to work on time. It was slowly setting in now – my car was broken into. I left my purse in the car because it was raining. I didn’t think anyone would even see it on the front seat because of the super dark window tint and the fact that everyone, like myself, was rushing to get out of the rain/get to work/etc.

Boy was I wrong. Surveillance cameras showed me real enough what the thief did. No face or license plate was discernible due to less than technologically savvy cameras.
I am now dealing with a deputy sheriff that is less than excited to follow up on this case, takes down the wrong information, and would rather be fishing or something…

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