Saturday, January 30, 2010

The 3rd Row

I have to say I was initially skeptical about the 3rd row. To begin with, it’s an odd number. It’s not the coveted 1st row or the cool “back row” as in school buses and movie theaters. No, it is the 3rd row…

The 3rd row of my SUV that is!! It is great! We drove to Naples today and, to be polite, I gave my mother-in-law the front passenger seat. I would have loved to sit with my boys but sitting between two car seats and on the “hump” didn’t register as comfort during a 2 hour drive. What was left? The 3rd row!!

For the entire week prior to this day, I dreamt of the quiet time I would have in the 3rd row. I could crochet, read and redo my budget…

It was the best seat in the house . I am slowly but surely going to finish this blanket for Gabriel, even if it ends up being his college dorm blanket. I read a bit of my book, and tried to work on my budget but lost my pencil before leaving Coconut Creek. That’ll have to wait for another road trip.

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