Thursday, August 19, 2010

One More Time...

I don't understand why certain people find it necessary to repeat themselves NUMEROUS it that they are trying to convince themselves of the statement at the same time they are saying it? Is it that they love to hear themselves talk? Is it that they are truly not listening to you in the first place...

I get so frustrated when people repeat themselves. It, in turn, makes me repeat myself and only escalates the fact that I am getting aggravated.

I also don't understand why people ask questions that they know you do not know the answer to, because you haven't gone to the informational meeting to know anything about it to begin with. They ask you question after question, and then you are inclined to repeat over and over that we will find out all of this information at the meeting at 3. THEN you are told by the annoying person that they might not be able to make the meeting at 3 and, no we should not reschedule it for a time that they would be able to make it (so they can get their stupid questions answered and leave me alone!!!!!).

Whew...I feel better now :)

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