Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Idea of a Sunday Fun Day

I love Sundays. I actually look forward to this day all week. Breakfast is always bialis with lox and cream cheese. While my hubby goes to get the goods, I separate the paper making piles of my faves, his faves and garbage. We eat in silence, savoring our ritualistic meal while reading about the current events, sports, and sales happening around our little world.

The boys play together nicely in the AM, for the most part, and that gives me time to do some cleaning after a delicious meal. I start the vacuum, which brings the boys running - asking if they can help. OF COURSE! While they fight over who is going to vacuum next (a squabble I totally do not mind), I tidy up the kitchen, check my email and then start to put all of the random items floating around the house in their rightful places. I even clean the pantry - a place that irks my OCD on a daily basis. It'll stay organized for maybe 2 days...we'll see.

All of a sudden it's lunch time! Babe usually whips up something fast and yummy. Next is nap time - YAY!!! Maybe I have slowly turned into a toddler while my children grew older, but I loooovvveeeee nap time. This is my time to read my book and fall asleep...the perfect middle of a perfect day.

We're all up and raring to go after nap time. Coffee is brewing to push us through to the end of the day. Now it's time to either run errands, swim, play, (watch football games during season), or just chill.
Mom and Dad usually are our guests of honor for dinner on Sundays - a few fun hours to catch up on what's been happening the past week, great food a la Babe. Then it is bath time for the boys and bedtime for Mama and Papa!!

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