Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Mama

I can't even begin to describe how proud I am of my mom.   I know this sounds a bit backwards, as you normally always hear about the parents being so proud of their children...but that is not necessarily the way it should be! 

A little over a week ago my mom had knee replacement surgery.  We (the family) were all worried as we didn't know what to expect.  We knew this surgery was imminent - Mom would be in pain walking only short distances.  She'd have to get a motorized scooter when we went to theme parks so that she could enjoy the family outing.  (BTW, I really dislike those things - they are not easy to maneuver and I have lost many layers of skin on the back of my feet from literal run-ins with those machines).  I could see in Mom's eyes that she would want to be a part of the mayhem when the grandchildren would be running around or playing on the floor.  We all hoped that this surgery would allow her to participate in the craziness :). 
We worried about the pain quotient of this surgery...would it be unbearable or something that could be handled with medication and a little bit of patience?  Would Mom be able to leave the rehabilitation facility in the 5 days that the girl at the surgeon's office said she would, or would it be longer?  

Mom was nervous and it was apparent both silently and verbally (I had never heard my mom say she was nervous really about anything before).  The fact that it came out of Mom's mouth made me a bit more nervous myself.  To me, my mom is the rock - she can't get hurt (although unfortunately she is a bit clumsy LOL), she doesn't feel pain, she is superwoman.  It is weird, but when she shows weakness it frustrates me.  That is really odd - right? forward to the surgery day.  I was able to leave work a bit earlier than usual so I could be with Dad in the waiting room.  Our family friend was there, which I was really happy about - even though Dad said he didn't need someone there I thought just having someone sit there, even if they were completely quiet - is comforting.  The surgery lasted about 3 hours.  Mom was brought up to her room about 1.5 hours later and we were SO HAPPY to see her!! She was drugged up (thankfully) but looked good!  I could breathe a lot better now that I could see her there with my own eyes. 

Mom spent a few days in the hospital and then went over to the rehabilitation center.  She has been kicking ass there.  The food sucks, but that kind of is the norm.  She has physical therapy 3 hours every morning.  She pushes herself through it, however painful and draining it truly is.  When we come to visit her, she has a smile on her face and is in a great mood, welcoming company and conversation.  She comes home on Saturday and more than likely with a cane and not a walker!  Her progress is phenomenal - she is doing so well.  Her positive attitude and outlook, I feel, have made all the difference.  I can't say enough how proud of her I truly am...

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