Friday, January 21, 2011

I Wish I Knew Why

Yesterday a great friend of mine brought her little baby into the world!  Jameson Sean was born at 9:47 am weighing in at a hefty 6 lb, 6oz.  A mutual friend (another great one at that!) texted me at 5:45 in the morning to tell me that she was at the hospital waiting for the news.  Of course I texted her as soon as I got the message at about 7:45 am, then called her at 7:47 am with assurance that she would call me if there was any progress. 

Of course an hour later and no call, so I had to call and see - just in case - they may have forgotten me with all of the excitement and anticipation looming around.  No baby just yet, but as I was getting off of the phone a weird thought came into my head.  (I initially did not want to write about this or even talk about it as it is freaky and spooky and sounds negative but it isn't.)  I thought, "A new life is going to come into this world.  I wonder if one is going to be taken."  I honestly don't know why I even thought of that...maybe I heard it from someone or somewhere or read it once, but as soon as I thought it, I shivered and changed my thought pattern.  I believe I heard of it as "As a life leaves a new one appears" - something along those lines.  But why would I think of it in the opposite manner?

The great news that my friend became a mama came shortly after and I couldn't wait to spread the news!  I checked FB periodically to see if there were any new pictures posted.  Mid afternoon, as I was strolling through the news feeds, one caught my eye.  I had to scroll back up and read it a few times.  My high school friend's dad died that morning.  He had a massive heart attack.  Now, let it be known that he had many heart problems, 2 prior heart attacks and 5 stints from what I learned, but still...He was my dad's age if not a bit younger.  We used to always hang out at their house.  We nicknamed him "Stormin' Norman".  My friend's dad died.  It hit me so hard.  My thought from the morning came back into my mind.  I know it was just a coincidence but it makes me so sad to think about what I thought and then for it to "happen" to someone I know. 

I have willed myself to only think of the positive things now otherwise I will be stuck in that thought forever. 

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