Friday, February 18, 2011

Just Play Along...

Something funny/odd happened to me on the way to work this morning.  I stopped at Starbucks for my morning coffee.  I usually go there during lunch so I "know" some of the baristas...very nice group of people.  Anyway, I think one of them mistook me for someone else because she told me (very excitedly), "I got fish!".  I turned around because I seriously thought she was talking to someone else, but was aimed at me.  So I said, "Oh great, so happy for you!" - big smile, and then walked to get my skinny iced caramel macchiato.  She continues to tell me all about her three fish, the tank, that they are zebras, and that they are a hardy bunch of fish, etc. etc. 

So as not to seem as if I am not the person she thinks I am, I feel the obligation to tell her a fish story from my childhood (My dad got me a fish tank and on the first night that I had the fish, one jumped out and committed suicide and one had like 40 babies - all in the time it took us to go out for a bite to eat for dinner).  She looked at me kind of odd (who is the odd one here though????) and then handed me my drink, telling me about the different species of fish that she is looking into getting, blah blah...what did I get myself into?

This whole "just play along" topic reminded me of the time I worked at Denny's Childrenswear in Commack (I say Childrenswear as everyone thinks I worked at the restaurant).  I worked with this nice older lady, Penny.  She was the grandmotherly type, always smiling, always helping out.  For some reason she called me "Nicole".  I don't know why or how she got the idea my name was Nicole, but instead of embarrassing her I just played along. 

3 weeks pass and I am standing up front by the registers with my manager, Lisa, when Penny walks up and says, "Nicole, do you need help with the dressing rooms?"  Lisa looks at me like, "HUH???"  I tell Penny that I am OK and she walks away.  So I explain to Lisa how I feel bad to correct her.  I guess Lisa didn't feel bad because she tells me to go check the floor, calls Penny up to the register and then I hear, "DANA please come to the front."  Of course I go back up to the front, as requested - to see Penny's confused expression.  I told her that I felt terrible :(  I think she still remembers my name to this day!!

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