Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New and Improved Blog....I Hope!

OK...I really wish I could write everyday.  I rack my brain to think of cool ideas to write stories, interesting happenings.  But to no avail, nothing comes to mind.  Am I really that boring?  Or should I say is my life really that boring???  I don't think so!  I wonder where the time goes - I am always on the run.  Dreaming of  a weekend day when we truly have NOTHING to do.  When I spot one of those weekends in my calendar, I think there must be something wrong and voila! a play date/dinner/doctor appointment magically pops up!

I am going to use this blog to bookmark favorite things I find in the gazillions of magazines and blogs I read daily.  Yes, I am old school and actually have magazine subscriptions - although I love my kindle for reading books - the experience of reading a physical magazine is the best!  I just started reading blogs and hope to one day have the following that some of my favorites have...(not that I don't appreciate deeply my two friends that have subscribed to my blog...)

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