Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have this habit of talking too much...(my husband would be so proud of me that I "accepted" this LOL).  The reason I say this is because when I get nervous, am in an uncomfortable situation, if there is more than 5 seconds of silence...I automatically feel the need to start talking.  OR, and this is bad apparently, when someone compliments me on my shirt/shoes/bag/dress/jewelry, I begin a dissertation on where I got the item, how much it cost, maybe even what I was doing the day of that particular purchase.  I mean, does the girl selling me wine at the Wine Cellar really want to know that I bought those super cool navy pants on sale at Anthropologie for $19.99??? (although I am very proud of that bargain and get lots of compliments on them!)  I think she was just making small talk while the computer was processing my credit card. 

So, I have a new goal - I am just going to say "Thank you" when someone compliments me and hold off on the speeches.  I am also not going to say, "Really, you like my hair?  It looks terrible."  and I totally need to STOP saying, "I have to get rid of this pooch (stomach)."  The pooch thing could be whole other blog post, but I am going to spare you (I am going to start working out though - and now that I said it to you, I have to do it...right?) 

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