Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Target Was Definitely On Target...

...when they decided to have a Missoni for Target line.  I heard about this capsule collection a couple of months back and was super excited because I love Missoni but am not in love with the price points (well I am, but my budget isn't).  Then I saw their FB page and browsed the collection, mentally dog-earring what I wanted.  I couldn't believe the amazing prices for such coveted designs.  Apparently I was not alone - at all.

During my lunch break on Monday, as I was strolling through Super Target (you can find me there often during my lunch is my form of midday relaxation), I noticed the Target team member installing new displays in the womens' clothing department.  I immediately recognized the uber-famous zigzag design and that's all I needed to see to remind me that the line was to be released the next day!  Oh joy (literally)!  I stalled a bit in that location, walking super slow, hoping that I could get a glimpse of anything from that silly was I?

Fast forward to Tuesday morning.  I am in my car and I just dropped of my little guys at their respective schools.  I am at an intersection where if I turn right, I would drive approximately 2 minutes to a Super Target.  I did not have to be to work for at least another 30 minutes...should I turn right and check out the Missoni goods or be a good girl and get to work early (and rush online to purchase through their website)?  I opted for the "good girl" route and (carefully - don't worry Mom and Dad - I didn't speed) hightailed it to my office.

Once inside, I clocked in and off I went to the Target site.  It was DOWN!  I tried relentlessly throughout the morning...before my meeting, after my meeting, before my conference call, after my conference call!  I began to see posts on Facebook with pictures of peoples' carts FILLED with Missoni items (later to be fond on eBay at a ridiculous markup).  I about gave up and then my friend Melissa told me that the site was up so I crossed my fingers and it worked!!!  Although almost everything was out of order, here is what I was able to purchase:

BUT....I still want the following (in an XS or S, shoe size 6.5)

Soooooo, if you happen to visit your local Target and come across these fabulous pieces...please feel free to purchase and I'll pay you right back ;) 

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  1. OK...Missoni for Target was not what it was cracked up to be. The long dress was not pretty :(, the pick turtleneck had no shape, the bathing suit top is not true to size, and I have yet to try on the tights :( and don't know if I am even going to.


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