Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Little Secrets

I giggle even thinking about this post. 

On Sunday, my oldest came up to me while I was sitting in the dining room and wanted to "tell me a secret".  Excited that he was possibly confiding in me, I bent over.  This is what his secret was, "Is 'ASS' a bad word?".  I paused (trying not to laugh or get mad that he just cursed) and whispered back, "Yes, it is a bad word and we don't say that word."  That response apparently was suffice, because he then said, "OK" and walked back into the living room to watch his TV show.

This morning, as I am laying in bed trying to psych myself to get up and get ready for the day, N comes into our bedroom only wearing his underwear.  He says to me, "I have a secret for you" and then proceeds to say, "Can you make me look like Justin Beiber?"  Awww!  I got out of bed, melting at how freaking cute N is, and walked into his room to pick out a Justin Beiber-ish outfit.  We picked out the jeans we think he would wear, a cool t-shirt and I confirmed for him that - Yes, Justin Beiber wears socks and sneakers.  He then followed me into my bathroom, wanting his hair like Justin's.  Now, I am not a fan of Justin's hair style at all, nor does N's hair really look like his at all.  I took some of my husband's hair gel and messed around N's hair a bit.  Eh, it'll do.  Oh wait - I forgot something - Justin Beiber wears sunglasses so N had to grab his super cool red sunglasses.  I wish I took a picture.  It made N feel so good to "look like Justin Beiber".  I remember those days - but with me it was Madonna.  Time flies.  I'm old.  LOLOLOL

(I also made a point to tell my husband that when he picked up N from school to comment on how much he reminds him of Justin Beiber.)  :)

Just so you know...this was the only "decent" picture I found of Justin Beiber in terms of hair styles...it's a lot more clean cut.  LOL

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