Thursday, November 3, 2011

We Stayed at the "Lickilodeon Hotel"

This past weekend the Peller clan took a short vacay north to Orlando.  We loved Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party so much last year that we had to go again this year!  The only difference was that this time we decided to try out the Nickelodeon Hotel, as the kids are not into their many cartoon characters, like Phineas and Ferb, Spongbob Squarepants, Diego and Dora. 
The entire ride up, the boys asked "How much longer?", "Are we there yet?", "What exit are we getting off at?", "What mile marker are we at?" - multiple times.  Of course this was because they were so super excited.  This was one car ride that they didn't really want to watch their DVDs...needless to say it was a LOOOONNNGGG ride. 

Once we (finally) arrived, the boys were basically freaking out with excitement!  "We're at the Lickilodeon Hotel!!!"  (that was my little one...I asked him to repeat when he said and sure enough it was "Lickilodeon".)   The boys bounced all over the lobby, waiting for us to get our room key.   We unloaded the car and off we were to our room.  The hotel is large...there were all outdoor hallways, something I am not totally fond of, but that's OK.  We dropped our bags off at the room which looked like a redone Holiday Inn suite, with a mini kitchen area, pull out couch, bathroom and 2 bedrooms.  The kids' bedroom had two twin beds with a mural of Spongebob across one wall - and no door.  Interesting...

The weather was cloudy and yucky so we decided to skip the super large water park area and head out to the "Mall".  Along the walking path to the mall there were different Nick character statues.  Once inside, there was a Starbucks (YAY!), some food vendors, a 4D movie theater, kids' spa, arcade and auditorium like room.  My little guy was afraid of the 4D movie (I think the arm/chainsaw that came flinging out at us did the trick) but once it was over, he was all smiles at the arcade. 

The outlet mall and dinner followed, and we were back to the room by 8:30pm.  The boys loved the fact that they had their own room that had a TV in it.  They unpacked all of the toys that they brought in their Toy Story rolling luggage, and felt right at home.  The best was when I looked in their room and noticed that they brought a picture of themselves and my husband, from home, to make it feel "more like their room".  (On an aside, when my husband went away on vacation and the boys slept in my room, they brought their pictures and put them on my was really cute). 

The next day we hoped to play in the water park portion of the resort, but the weather dictated otherwise so we were off to Hollywood Studios.  This was the first time the boys went to this particular Disney park, and they loved it.  From the Disney Junior play to Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground, the Toy Story ride, and finally the Star Wars ride, we had a blast!  (Star Wars was hands down the favorite of all of them.)  On the way back to the car to go to the hotel and get the costumes, the boys fell asleep giving me time to run into some of the outlet stores and speed shop. :)  That should become an Olympic sport. 

Mickey's party was great, as usual.  Once the boys woke up, they dressed up (Optimus Prime and Spiderman) and the fun began.  We trick or treated throughout the park, had no waits on the rides (awesome!), and watched one of my most favorite parades.  By the end of the evening we were spent. 

We are already planning next year's trip up to Orlando for Halloween, but this time we are ALL going to dress up. 

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