Sunday, March 4, 2012

Walk with the (5,000) Animals & Exercising!

I was so excited for Saturday morning...the Walk for the Animals finally was here!  Sadie and I were ready to walk for this great benefit the Humane Society of Broward County.  I am proud to say I raised a total of $457 - thank you to everyone who donated!  

We arrived with our standard walking partners - Danielle and Aidan, and could not believe the number of pets and their owners that filled Huizenga Plaza in Fort Lauderdale!  It was PACKED!  We finagled our way around the passes to check in and get our goodie bags.  I met about a half dozen fellow goldendoodles and was like a kid in a candy shop each time we came across another "family member" of Sadie's.  

Besides the mass amount of poop piles, we made it through the 1.25 miles :)   Dogs and bearded dragons alike, enjoyed the gorgeous Florida morning - we were expected to hit an all time high in the upper 80's!  The Humane Society had water stations and baby pools set up along the path. They had everything planned out so well.

Today, between my shower and going to a birthday party, I took advantage of the free exercising shows available on On Demand.  I found a great 25 minute Core and Balancing video that, although I thought it was going to be easy, was challenging.  There were many a times in that short time span that I thought to myself, "I could stop this now and no one would know..." BUT then I realized I was cheating myself, and no one else.  I finished the video, super proud of myself and loving the "burn" in my legs.  

On the eating front - I have been trying very hard to enforce the "no carbs after 5pm" rule. Friday was a bit hard because my husband made Osso Bucco - and what better to have Osso Bucco with than pasta!  It was a spinach pasta, which I guess is a bit better than the standard, but I only had a few fork-fulls.  I was proud at my restraint!  Saturday night we had the most delicious smoked wings and pizza on the BBQ.  YUM!  Tonight - chicken lettuce wraps, and my Chinese fave - shrimp with lobster sauce - with BROWN rice.  
(I have to confess, I did have one of the small shot glass was steps...).

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