Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Why is the word “Customer” even in the phrase “Customer Service” anymore??

LA Fitness sucks. I finally got off my ass to go to the gym Saturday morning and was hit head on by the worst customer service…nice way to start the new year, right???
My friend agreed to meet me at the gym and help me get back on track – teach me how to use some of the machines and to keep me motivated. I was so excited!! I brought Nathan and Gabriel with me so they could enjoy the Kids’ Club and Rich could get some quiet time to clean out the garage.

I get to LA Fitness and give them my little key fob to check in. The receptionist tells me that my home gym is not this one and to drop the kids off and then come back to talk to her. I do as told, and she now had the sales manager behind her. He states that she is correct and for a $99 flat fee I can get a national membership. I explain that I have been to this gym numerous times in the past and no one has said anything to me at check-in; that my husband signed me back up/reactivated my account and that this should be my “home gym”. He starts getting snotty (I am annoyingly embarrassed at this point in time…) and told me that I can work out there today but then I have to go back to the other gym and work out the issues. He says nothing about calling the other gym and helping me rectify the situation…nothing about working out the confusion, etc. So I told him that after this time I am going to cancel my membership. This makes him listen a bit more now, so he states that he doesn’t want that to happen. I was so pissed off at this point that I stared at him and growled, “Then fix it” and walked away.

I was so angry – angry at his rudeness and lack of service, angry that I was even allowing this to get to me…I never usually get this worked up. The only word that comes to my mind when I think of him (that I won’t regret posting on this blog) is JERK. I am over it, but will not be calm until this gets rectified…I sicced Rich on him.

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