Monday, January 25, 2010

Heaven or Hell

This weekend has been jam packed!!! Yesterday I loved the coffee talk with my long time friend, Cat, followed by a baby shower for Jamie. At the shower Cat started (remember the word “started”) a conversation about religion with one of the partygoers. I don’t know how Cat could have subconsciously picked a more religious person to discuss this with. I honestly don’t know how the conversation began, but somehow it was me who was the only one left for the ending.

Don’t get me wrong – the lady was super nice, and super religious. I mentioned that my mom is jewish and my dad is catholic somewhere in the middle there, but I don’t think she even heard me. Somehow I ended up with The Book of John and a clearer understanding that you should never answer a loaded question like, ” do you think you’re going to go to heaven or hell?”.

A bit too heavy of a conversation for a baby shower…Cat realized this and went to get tea and I stayed, not wanting to be impolite, and ended up with an earful.

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