Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Would Have Never Guessed...

I am even more excited than before about Stella & Dot after having a two hour Skype call with an old friend!  Jen lives in Portland now and we haven't seen her, Ed (her husband) or Chloe (daughter) in over 3 years! 

When I started my Stella & Dot Facebook Fan Page and Jen had commented that she loved the jewelry.  A few days later she messaged me that she would like for me to send her a Look Book as her birthday is coming up and she'd like to pick out something a little special...very cool...

I am not a pressure sell person (if that is even a phrase, but you know what I mean) but figured I would throw it out there that she can become a stylist in her area.  I messaged her, saying that the Look Book is on its way to her and then threw out the bone that if she was interested I would love to talk to her further, etc.  Message came back, "Call me".  Whoohoooooo

I called her the next day and we set up a Skype call...and here we are now!  I showed her sample pieces I had, explained what sold well (taking into consideration that we are in two different geographical locations with different styles and trends), and had a great time doing so!

AND today I get a call from a coworker across the office telling me that she is looking at the look book and wants everything (note: this seems to be the census with everyone that peruses it!)  I am expecting a nice order tomorrow :)  Whoohooooo!!!

My Stella & Dot Vintage Twist bracelet in gold...LOVE IT!!!

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