Monday, March 7, 2011

My Launch Stella & Dot Trunk Show

Food - check!
Wine - check!
Jewelry - check!
Displays - check!
Mom - check!

Saturday night at 7 pm I began my hobbyist career as a Stella & Dot independent stylist!   9 attendees (including mom) played with the jewelry, drank wine, shopped and (hopefully) had a great time - I did!!!  I learned even more about the jewelry than I did before.  (Of course I was mentally picking out the next samples I would purchase once I close out this trunk show.)

I am not the best of "closers".  I think I talked a few people out of some items - I was being honest though!  One friend, for example, wanted the cascading silver necklace.  Normally I would say, "Great choice!  I have it too.  It is so versatile, yada yada..." BUT I knew she just purchased two necklaces that are similar (I know because I ordered them for her online when they went on sale LOL). 

I am definitely going to work on closing the deal and getting more trunk show appointments!  I have one so far at Gabriel's preschool on March 18th from 2 pm - 6pm.  I will be able to show the product line to the teachers as well as the parents coming in to pick up their children! 

I have emailed a few festivals and fairs - have great jewelry to see, will travel!!  If any of you readers were unable to make the trunk show, you can still order something special for yourself online!

Go to:
On the right side, close to the top is a link that says "Can't make it to the trunk show?"  Click there and please type in "Dana Peller".  Shop away!!!!

See how easy it is!  Any questions, you know where to find me!!!

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