Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Butterfly Dreams

About 5 years ago (I believe, I may be off a bit), my parents brought my family along to a birthday party for their friends' granddaughter, Ashtyn.  I was pregnant with Gabriel at the time, and Leslie with Jesse (wow...time flies!).  Leslie was so nice and welcoming and Adam, her husband, was super nice and funny so we felt comfortable with them right off the bat.  When I first met Ashtyn, she was under the pavilion at the pool, and she was smiling at her Grammy - so sweet!!  Through the years we have gotten to spend some great times with the Montali family.  Whether it was birthday parties, holidays, or a trip to the zoo we'd get the families together and always have fun.  My children love to hang out with Ashy and Jesse whenever they can.  

Ashtyn is a super special little lady.  Her determination, will, perseverance, love, is unmatched - especially for an 8 year old little girl.  Due to a traumatic birth experience, Ashtyn suffered from a lack of sufficient oxygen to her brain.  She has been fighting ever since..."like the bravest, strongest person you ever met, to make it through, to find her place, to give the whole hearted smiles we all desperately need to see that she will be okay. She has been the inspiration for Butterfly Dreams."


Butterfly Dreams assists children with special needs and their families as well as schools and therapy centers that enhance their mental and physical abilities. Their efforts continue to provide necessary equipment as well as financial assistance for families and businesses alike that are in need. 

Leslie just published her first book, Butterfly Dreams, and I love it!  It evokes so many different emotions - I think I smiled while crying many times throughout.  I highly recommend reading this book, it is a great story about a girl and her family overcoming her life challenges with Cerebral Palsy.  You can read more about the book and purchase it at:

Look at her smile...it melts me every time!  

If you have any questions or would like to donate to the Butterfly Dreams efforts, please complete this web form.  You would be helping other children just like beautiful Ashy get the care and assistance they need.  

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