Sunday, January 8, 2012

Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort Review

A boo boo on my part made way to an interesting New Years weekend getaway for the family (and the Cohens).  

I had purchased a Spa Rah Rah gift certificate for 3 days/2 nights and 4 spa treatments at the Innisbrook Golf and Spa Resort as a Christmas gift for my husband.  I even told my parents about this great gift, saying that we would probably use it sometime in March, and confirmed that they could watch the boys. 

I was all excited to print up the certificate and creatively wrap it for Rich, when my eye wandered to the expiration date.  WHAAAA!!!!!  Yeah, it said JANUARY 12, 2012!!  Do you think I would have thought to check the expiration date...nahhhh.  I figured we could call them and see if they would extend the time frame.  I tried calling Spa Rah Rah customer service - left messages 2x and emailed them - no response.  When I gave the certificate to Rich, I noted my lack of attention to detail.  Luckily, I came up with the brilliant idea of calling to see if they had availability during the weekend of New Years, which they did!  So this wasn't going to turn out to be the romantic weekend get away that I envisioned, but it would be a fun family weekend, right?

Golf tee times booked - check.  Spa booked - check.  We arrived Saturday morning all set for a fun weekend.  Check in was super fast.  Dan, our welcoming committee guy from the resort was really friendly and I was so proud of N when he went up to Dan and put out his hand to shake.  So cute.  The room was laid out interestingly - it was 800 sq. ft, had a kitchenette, bathroom, and basically one large room with two queen beds, separated by an accordion separator from the living room.  The balcony was my favorite as it overlooked the golf course - so beautiful!

New Years Eve was a relaxing and fun.  We ate at the Grille in the Osprey Clubhouse.  Besides the slow service, it was a nice meal.  There was a fire pit with comfy outdoor couches calling our name, so after dinner we ran over there to grab our spot!  The kids ran around and played their video games.  We hung out and talked, enjoying the weather and the fire pit.  By 10:30 we were all in bed sleeping LOL.  
Sunday the boys played Copperhead while we ate a terrible breakfast at the clubhouse and then walked the nature trail (more like a nature jump, skip and a hop).  N recognized a North American Vulture (all those visits to the zoo have paid off!).  After that we were off to the Loch Ness pool!  They had 2 water slides, a beach entry pool (that was not temperature controlled as advertised) and a gazillion bees.  :(  We stayed for a little bit and after N started hysterical crying about the bees, we were forced to leave.  The resort offers rental of these cool bikes...they have a basket-like seat in the front and a long bench "main" seat, where two people peddle to get the bike going.  THAT was so much fun!!  We put the little ones in the basket and the older ones sat between us on the bench seat.  After 20 minutes, we were ready to return the bicycle - not because it wasn't fun, but because I am totally out of shape and my legs were burning :)

Lunch wasn't the best - I think the bees followed us from the pool because we had to leave lunch early to get away from them.  

Spa time at last!  That was my most favorite part of the weekend.  I had what I think was the best massage ever - I even caught myself nodding off a few times!  The coco-licious body scrub was nice, but a bit icky.  I was so excited for the time that we would have after the treatments - to lay in the relaxation room, drink a glass of wine and just chill.  Well, that thought was shattered when the receptionist came to the relaxation room to find me because my husband came in inquiring if my spa treatments were over because he didn't want to miss his next tee time.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??????????  I am still super bitter about that.  

Dinner was off-property that night (not messing with the resort food anymore) and we were in bed by 9pm.  Monday morning R woke up with a sneezing attack and we were more than glad to get back on the road.  Packed and out the door by 8:30am, we were on our way back to Sadie!

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