Friday, December 16, 2011

Jour Quatre - J'aime Paris

Am I totally blabbing away about Paris?  I could talk forever and ever about my trip :)

Day four started with watching Midnight in Paris.  I highly recommend this movie!  I had never heard of it before and am so glad I watched it!  

Anouk then participated in a school project for one of her friends.  She had to play a yogi who was very frustrated due to many distractions.  For her first commercial appearance, I think she was fabulous!

Lunch was at a local brasserie, Les Ondes.  I had my first ever Croque Monsieur, a ham and cheese sandwich with melted cheese on top.  I thought it was so big and asked Anouk how could anyone ever finish it (I problem).  

The view from the brasserie was so amazing...can you imagine?  Just sitting there, looking out the restaurant window and there's the Eiffel right there????

We met up with a friend of Anouk's, Sophie, and walked to the 1st arrondissement.  We passed by the Stock Exchange.

In the 4th arrondissement, Anouk and I toured the ruins beneath Notre Dame before experiencing the breathtaking marvel of Notre Dame itself.  

We walked through Saint Eustache, where Anouk's grandmother used to go when she lived in Paris.  

Next onto the delicious portion of this evening - Fauchon for some glazed chestnuts and chocolates and Hediard for gourmet jams and mustard.  

Our third and final church of the evening was the Madeliene for a Christmas concert.

Can't forget the fanciest Starbucks I have ever seen!

Too tired to think of anything else to do, we headed over to Tse' for some Asian fusion delights.  Our dinner was a perfect amount of food - bottle of wine, vegetable spring rolls, dumplings, Chinese chicken salad with a great peanut dressing in a cozy, lounge like atmosphere.  

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