Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Street Art

Growing up in New York and frequently visiting Brooklyn, Staten Island and the city, I would see graffiti splattered across the sides of buildings, on trains, and along the rock walls lining the highways. I didn't think much of it, other than wondering why people would do this...

When the phrase "street art" was mentioned to me for the first time, I immediately thought that they were speaking of the graffiti mentioned above. I guess someone could call that art? Maybe? I was completely wrong.  While in France, my friend had mentioned that she saw a movie about a famous street artist, Mr. Brainwash (a.k.a. MBW), and she had become very interested in the subject.  (Coincidentally, that same day, one of my high school friends purchased her first piece of "real art" as she called it - artwork from Mr. Brainwash - and met him as well!)  This new form of art peeked my interest, and made my tours through Paris even more exciting.  I took pictures of each work of art that we would find along our travels.  

I wish I knew the names of all of the artists...if anyone does know, please comment below and I will give them the credit they deserve!

Here are my "finds":

Jef Aerosol

Jef Aerosol

Space Invader

Space Invader

This engulfed the entire side of that building!  Jef Aerosol

Inside of a new restaurant opening the next day

A favorite of mine because it's 3D

I wanted to learn more about the origin of street art so, of course, I Google-d it.  The first website/blog I came across was www.brooklynstreetart.com.  They made mention of Art Basel which took place in Miami a few weeks ago (note to self - I am definitely going next year!).  See below:

Rone. This is an example of the spontaneous and unsanctioned art that takes place on the streets of Miami during the four days of Art Basel.  (photo © Geoff Hargadon) (via www.brooklynstreetart.com)

Two great sites to check out: 

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