Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ma dernière journée à Paris

I couldn't believe it was going to be my last full day in Paris :(  After lounging for a bit, we headed over to Centre Pompidou for the Edvard Munch exhibit entitled L'oeil Moderne.  (I also had my second Croque Monsieur - yum).
View from the top of the Pompidou

Cool water fountain outside of Pompidou

Another view from the top of the Pompidou
Edvard was sometimes considered an artist of the nineteenth century, and his tormented life was presented in a modern form.  Something interesting that I learned was that he would take one subject and paint it multiple times, using different mediums or forms.  He was also big into photography, loving to photograph himself.  Although one of his most popular pieces was The Scream, 

my favorite paintings from this exhibit are:

We also checked out some of the other modern artists' exhibits below.
Standing inside art!

Andy Warhol

There are so many different things in this painting.  You could sit for hours discovering them!

Cool stackable chairs...I love them!
After some serious art viewing, it was time to shop!  Off to Place Vendome we went, to take in the sites and purchase some souvenirs for family (and maybe a bag for me).  

On my husband's request, we visited Hotel Costes and I am so glad we did.  This uber chic hotel and meeting spot is a must-go!  The dark amber hues and soft lighting make this place perfect for a glass of wine and some cheese - a perfect place to rest your feet and do some interesting people watching.  

The tree is made of teddy bears!
The department stores had some amazing holiday lights and store windows!  Printemps:

Galerie Lafayette:

Dinner...that was interesting.  After waiting over an hour for a table, and having a very "interesting" waiter, I can say that the food was still very good (escargots and a french take on chicken cacciatore) and the company was what made it a great night. 

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