Thursday, December 15, 2011

Street Art and Lots of Food...Jour Trois

Our day started a bit later than usual with a 1:30 pm lunch reservation at MBC in the 17th arrondissement.  Helena, a friend and Christmas Market companion of Anouk, joined us.  

The walls were covered in artwork - not just an everyday form of artwork but Street Art.  I had never really been exposed to street art until VERY recently (like 5 days ago).  First a friend posts about how she was at Art Basel Miami and purchased her first piece of "real art" from Mr. Brainwash, and goes into a bit of detail as to what Street Art is.  This morning Anouk tells me that she saw this movie about street art and then stumbled upon this restaurant that is decorated entirely in that manner.  Check out Anouk's post on our lunch experience here

My meal started off with cauliflower soup (which reminded me of my favorite soups from Ireland), followed by a sliced beef and beet salad main course 

and ended nicely with a cafe' and meringues (and a glass of wine somewhere between the soup and beef).  

After we thoroughly enjoyed our meals, Anouk and I took tons of pictures of the restaurant.  

Ready to walk off our lunch, we headed towards Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement, where we met up with Anouk's friend Helen.  After getting a bit lost, we finally found our way to her, who was waiting in front of the Moulin Rouge.   

The Montmartre is a huge hill, with the Basilica de Sacre' Coeur (Basilica of the Sacred Heart) at its highest point (this is the highest point in Paris).  Along the way I purchased some delicious biscuits from the Biscuiterie de Montmartre.  I would have taken pictures but they were so good, we ate them before I had a chance.  :)  

We strolled through a great little clothing shop, Antoine et Lili.  This bright colored location is the first one opened in Paris - and of course I had to purchase a little something (you can never have too many black cardigans!).  The girl that helped me was super helpful.  OK, I got a pair of earrings too...

On the travels northward, I spotted this one picture in a store window that I had to purchase for my parents.  It reminded me so much of my Grandma Anna.  Once I give the gift to them, I will take a photo for this post.  It's a favorite painting of mine.  

The view from the basilica is breathtaking.  

The day was not over there...we didn't have dinner yet!!!  Walking down the hill was way easier, and my legs thanked me for that.  Still in the 18th arrondissement, we met a group of Anouk's friends at Refuge des Fondues.  

This place is a trip!  It is very tiny and in order for you to sit against the wall portion of the table, you have to climb over the table.  
Try that after two baby bottles of wine.  YES, I said baby bottles of wine - that is how they serve it!  So funny!!!  

After the cheese and meat fondue, we had an interesting dessert - lemon sorbet inside of a frozen lemon - very refreshing.  On to the bar!

We walked around a bit, trying to find this one bar that Anouk heard great reviews on, but it was no longer there so we landed at Long Island.  YES - I was in Paris at a bar named Long Island.  Ironic.  

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